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These Are All Of The Scariest Halloween Events In BC You Must Attend This Fall

Haunted houses, ghost tours, corn mazes and more!

September is almost over and that means it's time to start preparing for all things creepy. Yep, it's almost October so we need to celebrate the Halloween season by going to haunted houses, visiting haunted places and doing basically anything Halloween related. 

We've rounded up all of the best (and scariest) events that you need to check out this fall in BC! 

Here we go!

Grave Tales Fort Langley

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If you're down for some Halloween festivities, but you're not into getting chased by a man with a chainsaw, this might be your best bet! Go to Fort Langley, one of BC's oldest towns, and walk through the village at night while listening to locals tell you super creepy stories throughout the evening.


Fright Nights At Playland

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Since you were a kid, you've probably been going to Fright Nights at Playland to get in the Halloween spirit. Year after year, this Halloween event brings together teens from all over the Lower Mainland to get totally spooked.

With 11 haunted houses, roller coasters, carnival games to getting chased around the park by a guy with a chainsaw, this is always the ultimate way to get into the Halloween spirit.


Haunted Village Burnaby

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This village in Burnaby, BC dresses up as a Halloween town every year and it's honestly the best way to celebrate the spooky season if you don't like getting scared.

This little heritage village turns into a Halloween delight during October and it's a great way to spend an evening. You're invited to walk through the streets at night, wear costumes and they're even hosting a Hill Street Bash this year!


Haunted Corn Maze at Maan Farms

This new corn maze is probably the scariest horror themed corn maze in the entire province. The website even claims that it's the scariest corn maze experience in all of Canada.

The creators behind Maan Farm's Haunted Corn Maze travel all across the continent visiting the scariest Halloween themed haunted to create the ultimate horrific experience. You're sure to be scared at Maan Farms.


Potter's Haunted House 

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Ever year, Potter's House of Horrors returns to Metro Vancouver to frighten locals. Located in Surrey, this series of haunted houses is sure to be the best authentic horror event for Vancouverites.

This year, they have two haunted houses, Monstrosity 2.0 and Devil's Descent. This is the perfect event to check out with a crew of your friends that aren't afraid of anything. Potter's will definitely be the scariest event in town.


Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour 

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If you're visiting the area for the first time, or if you just want to discover the creepiest parts of the city, then you need to take part in Vancouver's Haunted Trolley Tour.

Westcoast Sightseeing invites their guests to jump onboard their old San Francisco Trolley and take a ride around the scariest parts of town. You'll be sure to see Gastown's "Blood Alley".


Ghost Train Stanley Park

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If scary stuff isn't your jam, then you should definitely check out the Ghost Train in Vancouver's Stanley Park. Their annual spooky train takes you on a family-friendly ride through the park.

The train is always dressed up in Halloween fashion and it's the perfect Halloween date or family event to celebrate the season.


Reaper's Haunted Attraction Chilliwack

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Reaper's is without a doubt, one of the scariest Halloween attractions in the Greater Vancouver Area. The indoor theatrical horror experience is sure to scare you and all of your friends.

This year, the insane asylum themed haunted is filled with actors dressed up as terrifying doctors and super creepy patients. The haunted attraction also has a "Maze Of Terror" that you need to check out if you're brave enough.


Lost Souls Of Gastown Tour

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If you feel like getting spooky, then why not walk around one of the creepiest neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Gastown is known to be a characteristic part of town, but it's also known for being haunted!

Take this creepy "Lost Souls Of Gastown" tour around the old part of the city.