These Are The Restaurants True Vancouverites Know Are Super Underrated

The real restaurant OGs.
These Are The Restaurants True Vancouverites Know Are Super Underrated

It can be hard to keep up with the food scene in Vancouver. It seems like every week there's a new restaurant or cafe you hear about that you've never been to before or is just opening up.

But along with the hype of particular restaurants among the food scene, there are also plenty of underdogs that deserve just as much praise - the local favourites and low key neighbourhood classics.

If you're looking to try sushi that's not from Miku or pasta that's not from Ask for Luigi, try these totally underrated restaurants that you will absolutely love.


Where: 4328 Main St // South Main

Type: Farm-to-table/Western

Price: 💸💸

Most popular item: Punch Bowls

Why you should go: Nothing says Vancouver like a cozy little farm-to-table restaurant that cares. Not only does Grub genuinely care about where their ingredients come from, but also how it's made - always keeping you on your feet with a menu that changes a few times a week.


Pizzeria Spacca Napoli

Where: 2801 St. Johns St // Port Moody

Type: Pizza/Italian

Price: 💸💸

Most popular item: Spacca Napoli and Margherita Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella

Why you should go: This super hip, family-owned pizza joint is by far one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in the greater Vancouver area. Serving up delicious thin-crust clay oven pizza, this spot will have a pizza your heart.


Oka-san Kitchen and Cafe

Where: 3578 Fraser St // South Vancouver

Type: Japanese

Price: 💸💸

Most popular item: Momma Style Poke Bowl and Spam Musubi

Why you should go: This adorable little Japanese-style neighbourhood joint is a local favourite. It can get super busy during the lunch rush, but the wait is worth it. Their poke bowls are stacked and spam musubis satisfying.


Dock Lunch

Where: 152 E 11th Ave // Mount Pleasant

Type: Southern-style Soul Food

Price: 💸💸

Most popular item: Everything

Why you should go: This apartment living room turned restaurant tucked around a corner street just off of Main St is an absolute gem. If making food was like singing, then owner and chef Elizabeth Bryan has truly got soul. There isn't a set menu here because Elizabeth will make what's the freshest and bestest in season, and you'll love it.



Where: 2516 Prince Edward St // Mount Pleasant

Type: Japanese

Price: 💸

Most popular item: Spicy Salmon Rice Bowl

Why you should go: This teeny, tiny Japanese joint serves up some of the yummiest sushi and donburi. You might not be able to sit in since the restaurant is kind of a hole in the wall, but hey, good things come in small packages right?


Fishworks & Canoe Oyster Bar

Where: 91 Lonsdale Ave // North Vancouver

Type: West Coast/Seafood

Price: 💸💸💸

Most popular item: Oysters

Why you should go: Seafood in Vancouver is so fresh and delicious, and Fishworks does it justice. Shucking only the freshest oysters and whipping up seafood that tastes like they've just been caught from the sea, Fishworks will have you hooked.


El Camino's

Where: 3250 Main St // Mount Pleasant

Type: Latin American Street Food

Price: 💸💸

Most popular item: Tacos and Arepas

Why you should go: This bumpin' joint is the late night dweller's food dreams. From tacos and arepas to weekend brunch and delicious shareable foods, El Camino's is the perfect spot to start your weekend shenanigans with the squad.


East is East

Where: Various Locations

Type: Indian

Price: 💸💸

Most popular item: Feast (All-you-can-eat) and Chai Tea

Why you should go: East is East is not just a restaurant, but a cultural experience. Not only does the ambiance completely submerged you into an authentic Eastern experience, but so will the delicious and flavourful dishes.



Where: 774 Denman St // West End

Type: Farm-to-table/Comfort Food

Price: 💸💸

Most popular item: Hot Fried Chicken

Why you should go: This adorable restaurant is the coziest spot for a lazy weekend brunch. From the welcoming staff, their incredibly inviting dining area, and tummy-warming comfort food, Ritual makes you feel like you're at home.


The Pawn Shop

Where: 1117 Granville St // Downtown

Type: East L.A. / Tacos

Price: 💸

Most popular item: $1 Tacos

Why you should go: Two words - $1 tacos. Their happy hour is always bumpin' with hip hop, tequila, and a whole lotta tacos. It's the perfect spot to get drunk and to be full when you're tryna to ball on a budget.