These Cute AF Tiny Cabins In BC Are The Perfect Winter Getaway

The ultimate romantic weekend.
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These Cute AF Tiny Cabins In BC Are The Perfect Winter Getaway

Pack your bags, now.

Have you seen these iconic tiny cottages all over your feed lately? These cute AF tiny cabins keep popping up all over my social media, especially within the last year. I finally dug around the corners of the internet to find out where these are because I need to go ASAP.

If you're like me then you love anything that's #instaworthy. And let me tell you, these Vancouver Island cabins are super Instagram worthy. Don't worry, I have all of the information listed below for your perfect winter break getaway. So start packing your bags because I've got you covered.

If you love Tofino during the summer, get ready because it's even more beautiful during the winter. You can stay at the Ocean Village Resort located at 555 Hellesen Drive in Tofino!

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Snuggle up with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) at one of these adorable cabins this winter. If you haven't already planned a weekend getaway, then get on it! No one can possibly stand being stuck at home with your family all winter long, everyone needs an escape, right? This is the perfect place to do it!

This dreamy resort is located smack in between Tofino's most beloved beaches, Mackenzie Beach and Chesterman Beach. You will definitely be able to take all of those iconic beach photos.

Find more information about hotel prices and the resort itself on their website.

Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager
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