Iceland, who?! Move over Blue Lagoon, because you’re not the only country who’s got bumpin’ and insta-worthy hot springs for every person viewing at home to cry over. Okay, so the place I’m talking about isn’t in Canada, but it’s near Canada - so go us, right?!

Located in Washington state and about a four-hour journey from Vancouver, Scenic Hot Springs is the ultimate place to spend your lazy weekend. Netflix can put on as many Harry Potter films as they want, but come on, who beats these views?

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Nestled atop a steep slope in the stunning Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest, the private hot springs comes equipped with both beautiful scenery and sensation. With three geothermal tubes to relax in, a day spent here is definitely worth the border-crossing trek.

The hot spring is privately owned, so you’re going to have to request access and pay a fee in order to visit. Located south of U.S. Route 2, the springs border the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area and have a few guidelines as to how they want you to use them. So that means no fooling around, kiddos!

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For info on how to request access to the springs and more on their availability, check out the official website!