These Two Cities Were Ranked The Unhappiest In All Of Canada

It's probably not what you expected.
These Two Cities Were Ranked The Unhappiest In All Of Canada

When you first think of the unhappiest cities in Canada, you might think of the more isolated towns, colder regions or places with fewer employment opportunities and events.

But a new study has found that in Canada, it actually might be the cities that have the lowest life satisfaction of all which happens to be in two of the most popular cities in all of Canada. 

Vancouver and Toronto are typically considered two of the most beautiful and popular cities in Canada. Both of the cities have even been ranked as the most liveable cities in the entire world for several years. So they may not be what first comes to mind when you think of the unhappiest cities in Canada. 

Yet a study has proposed the two cities as two of the unhappiest ones in Canada. According to How Happy Are Your Neighbours?, a recent study that was conducted by UBC and McGill researchers, it was reported that Toronto and Vancouver tied for the least happy of cities in Canada. 

There could be many different reasons for these findings. Living in a big city can entail numerous challenges –for instance, housing in Vancouver and Toronto is significantly more expensive and limited compared with other cities or towns in Canada, and even in the world. 

The study examined an individual's life satisfaction, as opposed to the quality of life standards of the city. The researchers also found that, generally, satisfaction in cities was lower – despite factors such as higher incomes and lower unemployment rates. 

This research is more correlation than causation. 

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