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All The Proof You Need That Many Vancouver Drivers Have No Idea What They're Doing (VIDEOS)

Vancouver drivers, we hate to tell you this, but some of you are doing it completely wrong. From driving in bike lanes to near misses with pedestrians and other vehicles, we found several videos that show how dangerous driving can be in Vancouver. Whatever you do, please don’t be like these drivers. 

It seems as though Vancouver is known for having some of the worst drivers and as much as we wish that wasn't true, many dash cam videos are just further proof of this. 

Just in the past week alone, there have been several shocking driving videos and pictures that have made their way onto Reddit. All of them perfectly showcase how bad driving in Vancouver can get. 

The most recent picture on Reddit Vancouver is of a car driving in the bike lane. Vancouver is fortunate to have a large number of bike lanes running through the city. I guess some drivers are now using these lanes as an opportunity to get to where they need to be faster. 

These lanes are specifically made for bikers in order to help keep them safe. But according to a recent Reddit post, it is not uncommon to see cars using these lanes. So far, the post has over 230 comments with people sharing their experiences of seeing Vancouver drivers overtake the bike lanes. 

If overtaking the bike lanes wasn’t bad enough, people are also straight-up driving in the parking lanes. In a video, you can see a driver get angry at the fact that there is traffic. To avoid it, they then drive in the parking lane for quite some time before merging backing into traffic. 

Oh, and people are also parking in the driving lanes. 

On top of these, we found a number of other videos on Reddit that perfectly summarize how bad Vancouver drivers are. For instance, one driver thought they had enough time to run the yellow light. As they push on the gas to go straight through, they almost miss a car turning left. This near miss was all done right in front of a cop car. Can someone say, karma? 

Thank goodness for dash cams because they show footage that is unbelievable. In a terrifyingly close encounter, a cyclist manages to barely escape being pulled under a massive semi-truck. The entire thing was caught on video and it looks like the driver didn’t have any realization that the cyclist was even there. 

This wasn’t the only near miss in Vancouver recently. Recently, another dashcam footage surfaced on Reddit that showed an EVO driver running a red light.

According to the video, the light was red for some time as the entirety of the video shows the light being green for the other lanes of traffic. As the driver goes through the red light, they slam on the breaks in the middle of the intersection and two cars have to dodge out of the way to avoid hitting the EVO driver. 

I guess Vancouver drivers aren't all to blame. Vancouver pedestrians can be just as bad as drivers sometimes. Recent footage caught on dashcam shows an incredibly close call between a pedestrian and a vehicle. In the video, you can see the pedestrian bolt across the street as oncoming traffic has a green light. Thankfully no one was hurt, but clearly, it was close!

These videos show that driving in Vancouver can be seriously chaotic and dangerous. Of course, not all drivers are like the ones shown in the videos and there are many good drivers in the city as well.

Stay safe out there on the roads, Vancouverites!

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