There's nothing like sitting back and sipping on some liquid happiness. But it's not just what you're drinking that makes it wonderful; it's also the environment that you're in. Vino lovers, in particular, enjoy escaping to a winery to do this. After all, the wine they're drinking comes from exactly where they're lounging. Besides, there's nothing quite like the atmosphere of a particularly unique or flashy winery. 

For Vancouverites, and visiters-alike, running off to a winery isn't as easy as going to a local bar. In fact, most people have to venture all the way out to the Okanagan. But the truth is, they don't need to... 

Sure, the Okanagan is world-renowned, but Metro-Vancouver has a few hidden gem wineries that are waiting for you. So, if you don't have time to do the five-hour drive to Naramata, here are a few wineries no more than an hour and a half away from the big city... 

Lulu Island Winery

Where: 16880 Westminster Highway // Richmond

Via Lulu Island Winery

Complete with an Insta-worthy grape tunnel, Lulu Island is a Tuscan inspired winery just outside of Vancouver on agriculture land in Richmond. It has fifteen acres of grapes, four large tasting rooms, and ample parking. It is Metro Vancouver's largest winery and worth a visit.

Pacific Breeze Winery

Where: 6 - 320 Stewardson Way // New Westminster

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This urban-garage style winery is located in New Westminster, a short drive from Vancouver. Though guided tours need to be reserved, it's open for you to stroll in and taste some of their beautiful award-winning wines. It's a family-owned business that makes all of their wines 100% vegan.

Vista Doro Farms & Winery

Where: 346 - 208th Street // Langley

Via Vista Doro

Located in South Langley, this winery is a hot cultural agritourism destination. They grow their own orchard fruits, heirloom tomatoes, and grapes. They make and sell a variety of products from these ingredients and, of course, have a tasting room specifically showing off their selection of wines.

Chaberton Estate Winery

Where: 1064 216 Street // Langley

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Located just 45 minutes outside of Vancouver, this winery offers daily tastings in their boutique tasting room as well as have a formal dining room that serves French cuisine. Their wines are made from grapes from both their Fraser Valley vineyard as well as specifically selected vineyards from the Okanagan.

Glass House Estate Winery 

Where: 23449 0 Avenue // Langley

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This unbelievably serene winery is family run and located on land in South Surrey that used to house a Christmas tree farm. Glass House has a minimalistic approach to making wine, only using free-run juices. They tend to offer a variety of seasonal events but always have the option for private group tastings. Just make sure you phone ahead.

Angel Estate Winery

Where: 2170 Westham Island Road // Delta

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If you enjoy a good berry wine, why not take a trip down to Delta? Half of the fun of this winery is getting to it. After all, it's across the old wooden bridge that connects Westham Island to Delta. All of their hand-crafted wines are made from berries like blackcurrent and blueberries that are grown in their fields.

Blackwood Lane Winery

Where: 25180 8th Avenue // Aldergrove

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This exceptionally classy winery is proud to present you with finest bottles of liquid happiness. All of their 100% vegan wines are made with traditonal French wine-making practises. None of their red wines are released until they've aged for at least three years. On top of all of this, how cool of a name is "Blackwood Lane"?

Singletree Winery

Where: 5782 Mt. Lehman Road // Abbotsford

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Located on a luxurious 67 acre property, this winery is only about an hour away from Vancouver. They showcase their world-class handcrafted wines in their tasting room and out on their lawns, where you can join a glass or three alongside their winery dog, featured above. The winery is also great for events such as weddings.

Township 7 

Where: 21152 16th Avenue // Langley

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If it's good enough for the Queen of England, it's good enough for everyone. When she was in Canada in 2010 she was served a bottle of Township 7. Their stylish tasting room and patio can be found near the Canadian/American border but its so much closer than going out to their winery in the Naramata region.

Backyard Vineyards

Where: 3033 - 232nd Street // Langley

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Backyard Vineyards is downright slick. This picturesque winery is ideal for catching up with a few friends over a glass of their "Gossip" or "Nosey Neighbour". Yep, they have rad names for their bottles. But you could also take a tour or even book the tasting room for events. Regardless, a visit here is surely one to remember.

Maan Farms

Where: 790 McKenzie Road // Abbotsford

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What doesn't Mann Farms have? Seriously, this isn't just a winery. They also come complete with a petting zoo, playground, giant trampoline, and tricycle track. They also offer yoga classes alongside their goats and sell all of their own fruit. This place is utterly pure fun for the entire family.

Vinoscenti Vineyards

Where: 15560 Colebrook Road // Surrey

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This relatively new Metro-Vancouver winery bodes extremely scenic views of the vast South Surrey countryside as well as some pretty well-respected wines. They occasionally bring in musicians to play for the guests as well as hold painting nights. This is a traditional winery with tons of character and personal touch.

Artisan Sake

Where: 1339 Railspur Alley // Vancouver

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Hidden along Railspur Alley on Granville Island in Vancouver is a winery of sorts. Sure, Artisan Sake isn't exactly a winery, but they do make their own fermented rice wine there on site. It's a tiny little room with a patio that offers sake tastings as well as courses. At the very least, it's a great place to pick up a bottle of their Osake.