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8 Things Vancouverites Can Do To Celebrate Pride At Home This Year

There are so many ways to inclusively and proudly celebrate the city's diversity.

8 Things Vancouverites Can Do To Celebrate Pride At Home This Year
Tim Samuel | Pexels, @lisanicolemusic | Instagram

Pride is coming to Vancouver from July 19 to August 3. This is a special time when people near and far band together to recognize and celebrate the LGBTQ2S+ community.

From acknowledging, supporting, and hearing Queer voices, activism and culture to commemorating key events like the June 1969 Stonewall uprising, Pride is an important time to reflect and connect with all sorts of people.

The Queer community knows firsthand how important connection is to get through hardship. And this year, that connection is arguably more important than ever given the effect that health restrictions and social distancing have had on this year's Pride.

For this reason, Fido is connecting Vancouverites to a more diverse Pride experience by offering a platform where anyone and everyone, from all backgrounds and walks of life, can be acknowledged, heard and celebrated.

Fido is a longtime supporter of LGBTQ2S+ folks and communities across Vancouver and the rest of Canada. From their Flown with Pride microsite and social filters to supporting Vancouver Pride's lineup events, Fido is making it easier this year to connect, open up dialogue, create opportunities for education, and rejoice in the diversity of all.

Even though the typical Pride celebrations will look different this year, don't let that stop you from taking part and having fun. There are many ways to show your allyship and honour Canada's LGBTQ2S+ community, like wearing your rainbow colours loud and proud at some of the many virtual and socially distanced Pride events this summer.

Looking for inspiration on how to celebrate Pride this year? Check out these fun and creative ideas.

Decentralized Pride Parade

Anthony Bower | Dreamstime

Cost: Free

Where: Online

Details: Although health restrictions prevent the usual full-blown parade from going ahead this year, you can still enjoy a new spin on the celebration. On August 1 from 12-2 p.m., Vancouver Pride is hosting a Decentralized Pride Parade. Tune in to the parade live stream and enjoy the entertainment, plus have the chance to win prizes and try your hand at Pride trivia.

You can host a mini-march in your neighbourhood or have a Pride-themed photoshoot with your pals. Whatever you get up to, make sure to snap a photo for your chance to be featured on the live stream broadcast. Simply take a Pride-themed pic or video and upload it on social media with the hashtag #VanPride.


Share Your Pride On Social Media

AllGo - An App For Plus Size People | Unsplash

Cost: Free

Where: On your social media channels

Details: Since in-person celebrations will be limited this year, using social media to share and celebrate is a great way to stay connected during Pride.

Fido has created online spaces and tools to help you discuss, educate and celebrate diversity while maintaining physical distance, like the Flown with Pride microsite. After signing up, you can place your flag on the map of Canada and see the flags of other people spread across the country. As well as being a tool to help Queer Canadians feel more connected, Flown with Pride is offering you the chance to win $500 in vouchers to spend on concert tickets, and one of 135 Pride Party Packs.

You can also show your support through Fido's social filter, which is available on Fido's Facebook and Instagram. Users will have access to 14 flags representing different sexual and gender identities, and for every photo posted with the hashtag #ConnectToAccept, Fido will make a $1 donation (up to $25,000) to Pflag Canada.

Tune In To The VanPride Classroom Series

Mimi Thian | Unsplash

Cost: Free

Where: Online

Details: Pride is the best chance you're likely to get all year to see amazing LGBTQ2S+ speakers and activists talk about their work and about the issues that face the Queer community.

This year, the VanPride Classroom Series will feature talks on topics like the fundamentals of anti-racism, how to support Black Trans women, B.C.'s Queer and Trans history, and Queer representation in media. For an experience that will give you a great understanding of intersectionality and the true meaning of Pride, check out the VanPride Classroom Series


Vancouver Dyke March Sit-In

Vancouver Dyke March | Facebook

Cost: Free, but you must pre-register

Where: Jonathan Rogers Park, Vancouver

Details: Despite limited in-person events this year, the Vancouver Dyke March has found a creative way to hold a 50-person, socially distanced sitting protest with music and spoken word performances.

On July 31 from 3-5 p.m., this engaging afternoon will celebrate marginalized folks within the city's Queer community and provide an open space to speak up and show support.


Pride Summer Series

@oldsoulrebelmusic Courtesy of Fido

Cost: Free, but you need to pre-register

Where: Online

Details: If you've been missing live music, you'll want to log in to the Pride Summer Series of online concerts, proudly supported by Fido. On July 23, grab your bubble buds and watch from the comfort of home, your backyard or even a nearby park or beach.

You'll enjoy performances from Queer local musicians along with trivia and a fun host to take you through everything. Plus, there's a chance to win fantastic prizes.


Drag Story Time

Cost: Free

Where: Live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

Details: Do you love hearing a good story? Put your feet up and get ready for curated Queer tales from drag royalty Mina Mercury and Justin Abit. These free performances are family friendly and streamed live so that you and the kids can enjoy them from wherever you are.


Pride Lounge

Brian Kyed | Unsplash

Cost: $10. Book your afternoon or evening time slot in advance.

Where: Stanley Park Brewpub, 8901 Stanley Park Dr., Vancouver

Details: Pride is doing their part to make socializing as easy and safe as possible this year. From July 23 to 26, you can book a seat at the COVID-safe Pride Lounge for up to two hours with five people. Enjoy some amazing lounge-style entertainers and drag artists while sipping on your drink of choice.


Pride Artwalk

Cost: Free

Where: Downtown & West End, Vancouver

Details: The Pride Artwalk is a great chance to take a self-guided tour of five publicly curated murals and art installations in downtown Vancouver that celebrate Queer people. Vancouver Pride has commissioned multiple art installations and murals that will pepper Vancouver Downtown and the West End from July 19 to August 3, so take your bubble and go explore. Talk about photo ops galore!


Pride is a time for Vancouver's LGBTQ2S+ community and allies to celebrate diversity and inclusion while also staying engaged with the issues that affect the Queer community today.

Whether you're taking part through social media, logging in to a virtual Vancouver Pride event, logging into Fido's Flown with Pride site, or at a socially distanced festivity on the beach, show off your colours with Pride and celebrate everything that makes you who you are.

Remember, Pride comes in every colour, so whatever flag you fly, fly it with Pride.

For more ideas on celebrating Pride from Vancouver this year, visit Fido's website, or check out their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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