28 Things You'll Never Hear a UVIC Student Say

It's a Vikes life.
28 Things You'll Never Hear a UVIC Student Say

So you decided on UVIC. Ryerson was too far and UBC is too close to Mom and Dad. You packed up your life in a pickup truck and paid a fortune to drive on that ferry to start your new life on the island.

After spending 4 years at UVIC I can say I'm stoked I made the decision to do my degree there. There is no campus more beautiful than UVIC in the Spring, (although it was best when there was still a flock of baby bunnies running towards you and your bag of mini carrots in the quad) and the quirky people that congregate at this destination school makes it all the more fun.

There's no school quite like UVIC and there are some things you'll never hear a student say. Read on.

1. "What are you talking about? Clearihue is a beautiful building."

2. "The law students don't mind us studying in their library."

And they definitely don't call us S.N.A.I.L.S.

3. "I feel SO safe crossing Ring Road."

4. "Centre Caf is deeeead."

5. "I'm mad I got these waffle fries."

And I definitely should have passed on the gravy.

6. "You know what would be the best hungover brunch? Village Greens."

7. "We'll definitely make that spin class at Ian Stewart at 5 to."

8. "No, the bunnies definitely went to Texas."

9. "Let's skip the UVSS poster sale this year."

10. "No, I don't want to share a honey bun from Finnerty Express."

Or a cheese and onion stick from Mac's Bistro.

11. "I've never seen a deer on campus."

12. "I hope all my classes are in Elliot."

13. "I'm over Felicitas."

14. "UVSS going bottle free was a big mistake."

15. "There's nothing happening on res tonight."

16. "I'll pass on the nutritional yeast popcorn topping from Cinecenta."

17. "I love it when the basement seating in the library is full."

18. "The printer cards are so easy to use."

And I love how vintage the loading system is.

19. "I love how easy it is to find group seating at Biblio."

20. "There are no hipsters here."

Or hippies.

21. "Look! None of the busses at the loop are Not In Service."

22. "I've never met anyone studying Engineering or English Lit here before."

23. "Does UVIC have a theatre program?"

24. "It was a breeze registering for that Beyonce Music class."

25. "And Vampire studies."

26. "....and African drumming..."

27. "What's our mascot?"

28. "Those tightrope walkers are SO cool."

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