Until recently, this waterfall was a well-kept secret that even many locals didn’t know existed - however today it is one of the wonders of Vancouver Island that attracts visitors from all over. Get your cameras ready!

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The landmark, known as the Hole-in-the-Wall, is a large man-made hole located a short hike through the banks of Rogers Creek - which was once a shortcut for the city’s water line prior to the 1960s. The remnants of the historic yellow cedar pipeline are still visible near the site, and the hole is now a beautiful waterfall that has been featured on many photographer’s Instagram pages.

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The Hole-in-the-Wall is located just outside the city of Port Alberni, British Columbia, approximately a three-hour drive from Vancouver. The hike to the waterfall is very easy, suitable for kids, and is also dog-friendly, offering beautiful views of some of Port Alberni’s historical areas.

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Additionally, once you have taken your time to enjoy the waterfall (and snapped some pics!), keep walking to your left and there is a small area with several inukshuk formations - you can even add your own if you so please!

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The short hike takes only 15 minutes from the parking lot and the trail is well marked. From Alberni Highway, you may park at either Coombs Country Candy store, or on the side of the highway.