Ice cream sandwiches, enough said.

The only thing better than having a cold ice cream on a hot summer's day is combining two staple desserts into one, ice cream and freshly baked cookies - which is exactly what this Vancouver ice cream store does!

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Innocent Ice-Cream is an adorable ice-cream store in East Van, serving up all natural, gluten free ice-cream sandwiches as well as coffee.

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There are three ways to get these delicious ice-cream sandwiches, either from their storefront, their ice cream truck, or from their adorable pink tricycle-pulled cart. Yes, they are available to be hired out for special occasions and events!

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Innocent Ice-Cream offers regular and mini sized ice-cream sandwiches, and if these aren't your thing, you can also get ice-cream scoops in regular cups and cones. There are also vegan options!

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Flavour options include the Canadian (oatmeal and maple walnut), Fairytale (white chocolate chip and raspberry white chocolate), Shortcake (white chocolate chip and strawberry), and Salty Peanut (peanut butter and salted caramel). We're drooling thinking about these flavours!

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One of the perks of Innocent Ice-Cream's sandwiches is that they are made fresh to order on the spot - so you know they haven't been sitting in the freezer prior to ordering. You need to try this place ASAP!

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Innocent Ice-Cream is located at 4895 Main Street and is open from noon till 10 PM daily. It is the perfect place to hang out with friends this summer!