If you're 35 or under, chances are you've swiped right at least once. You may have had a few dates, made a few new friends or even started a relationship out of it. You've made some serious connections in the online dating world, but guys, it's 2018. Time to "swipe" on me, myself, and I, amiright?

Where are all the social networking apps that contribute to my success, health and wealth? Where can I get a serious leg up in the career world? Where are all the people who will mentor me instead of sending unsolicited dick pics? For our generation, it's called getting out in the real world and attending boring networking events. Or cyber-stalking hopeful connections on social media.

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Enter Shapr, a free networking app that takes a completely new approach to connecting professionals. It's like Tinder and LinkedIn got together to have the most convenient baby ever. Blending the swipe feature of everyone's favourite dating app with the professional focus of LinkedIn, Shapr makes it quick and easy to find people who can make your dreams and ideas a reality, and it's become a must-have tool for getting ahead in your career.  

Here's how it works. You log in with your LinkedIn profile, set up 12 points of interest that align with who you are or who you want to meet, and then the app's algorithm - which uses your tagged interests, experience and location - sends you a daily batch of 10-15 profiles of professionals who match your interests. All you have to do is swipe left to pass or swipe right to connect (duh).

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When a match is made, you can move into the in-app chat to set up a time to call, Skype, grab a coffee, or get together for lunch - however you want to meet. Sounds much better than awkwardly gathering in a function room and trying to hand out your business card to total strangers.

And since Shapr focuses on getting you to actually have a conversation with your connections, you can chuck out those hundreds of pointless virtual connections (and unsolicited messages from people you don't know) and finally concentrate on meaningful professional relationships that will benefit you IRL. Shapr even has moderators and flagging features to ensure that anyone pursuing unprofessional interests (like selling or dating) will be reported. 

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The app has already amassed over 1.5 million users in France, the UK and North America thanks to an easy-to-use interface and a powerful algorithm that puts the right people in front of users. 

Networking doesn't have to be a tedious and daunting task, and with Shapr, you're likely to find that making interesting connections can become a natural part of your day rather than a seriously scary chore.

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Download Shapr now and start matching with other Vancouver professionals!