This Chinese barbeque restaurant in Vancouver is a dynamic and slightly adventurous East Asian BBQ Spot. This restaurant serves deep flavours of BBQ skewers, COTB (corn on the cob), squid tentacles, capeline fish along with a variety of side dishes.

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Happy Tree House BBQ serve lots of mild to hot spice marinated foods and they are most famous for their lamb skewers. They also serve beef and chicken skewers, octopus balls, enoki mushrooms, whole prawns and chicken wings ON the skewer sticks. The restaurant highly recommends you eat off these sticks because it's not only convenient for devouring purposes, but you can easily dip your skewer into a variety of their flavourful sauces without all clang of forks and knives when you're dining out with a large group of friends. 

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The staff will bring a special grill for you and your guests right to the table and if you order other side snacks like octopus balls, they deliver it to you in a witchy looking clay pot. Some customers even said this restaurant is slightly "hardcore" as the restaurant serves delicacies like kidneys, chicken knees and other forms of tentacles!

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The environment of this Chinese BBQ spot is casual with bright lighting (you will thank the restaurant later, things may get saucy), scatted in wooden tables and benches. It's a great ambience to cater to loud and frivolous friend groups especially with their culinary vibe of loud TV's, big crowds and playful banter. This is a great spot for fun family gatherings or friend groups between 4-6 friends so don't make the mistake of bringing your girlfriend here if she's expecting a quiet and romantic candlelit dinner. The staff speak Taiwanese, Mandarin and broken English.

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If you can sense the ambience of this restaurant already, here is a fashion tip: wear dark or casual clothing. This isn't a place for sexy cocktail dresses as you risk dropping saucy skewers and other dipping sauces over your clothes! The delicious BBQ food and spices at this restaurant can get messy! Better to be safe than sorry. Most people wear sleeveless tops to dine at this BBQ venue; it's inevitable for your clothes and hair to smell like their grills or BBQ smoke. 

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This isn't the type of restaurant where you will be waited on by hand and foot, but the food is definitely worth it. There aren't too many places where can you get actual Chinese-style barbequed food grilled right infront of you, let's say, in the middle of winter? 

Happy Tree House BBQ has two locations, one located in Richmond and one in Vancouver. Their Vancouver location is at 3502 Kingsway, and their Richmond location is at #105, 8171 Alexandra Rd. They are open everyday from 430pm until 2am. 

For more info, please visit their Facebook page.