This Place In BC Has Some Of The Clearest Blue Water You'll Ever See

Look at that beautiful water!
This Place In BC Has Some Of The Clearest Blue Water You'll Ever See

Sunny days fast approaching (how beautiful has the past week been?!) and it seems like there are never enough lakes in British Columbia to explore.

With an abundance of beautiful, pristine, natural wonders, there is no better time than summer to rally up your friends or significant other for a road trip.

If you have a weekend to spare, you have to check out this place in Northern British Columbia as it has some of the clearest blue water we have ever seen.

With many different islands and bays, Boya Lake Provincial Park is one of the best places for canoeing, kayaking, or just relaxing in the clear water - so clear that you can look into its depths and see fish swimming below you.

Its unique aqua-green hue is a result of the bottom of the lake composed of marl, a mixture of silt and shell fragments - the light reflects from the marl bottom and produces the colour. With the water being relatively warm, it is a great place to swim in this summer.

Canoes and kayaks are available for rental at the lake, and as of the start of 2018, reservations are available for the campsite located at the park - making it the perfect place for a weekend trip!

Boya Lake Provincial Park is located 120km north-by-northwest of the community of Dease Lake, BC near BC Highway 37.