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BC Hockey Team Is Going Viral For Their Goalie’s Savage Way Of Breaking Up A Fight (VIDEO)

I guess that's one way to get back at the other team!
BC Hockey Team Is Going Viral For Their Goalie’s Savage Way Of Breaking Up A Fight (VIDEO)

Beer league sports are meant to be a fun activity to do after work with some close friends. They are meant to be a place to unwind and relive your childhood fantasy of making it in the big leagues. But every once in a while, someone will come along and take things a bit too seriously. A video was recently taken of a beer league hockey game brawl in BC and it is now going viral because of the goalie's unique fighting tactic. 

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On February 17, a now infamous altercation took place in West Kelowna, British Columbia. Luckily, one beer league fan attended the game and videotaped all the right things. That video has since gone viral, even being reposted by TSN! 

The Sunday night game pitted two West Kelowna teams, the Flamingos and the Rumble Bees. Both teams were playing at the Royal LePage Place in West Kelowna. The game started off strong for the Flamingos as they created an 8-1 lead. But of course, a hockey game wouldn’t be a hockey game without a fight or two. 

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@chevyssourceforsportsembedded via  

One of the Rumble Bees players, Erik Dion, was caught on video fighting with another unknown player. While the two referees try to break it up, you can see Dion’s helmet and hockey stick hit the ice. 

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This is when the goalie for the Flamingos decided to make his genius move. Swiftly grabbing Dion’s hockey stick, he places it in the net of the goal and snaps it off at the handle. In fact, the goalie does it with such ease, it makes you wonder if he has done it before!

When Dion finally breaks free from the referees he notices the stick almost immediately. Curses can be heard coming from Dion as he swings on the goalie! It comes as no surprise that a number of penalties were dished out. The game went on to finish with an 8-4 score in the Flamingos favour. 

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The video was posted on Instagram by a local Source for Sports retailer in Kelowna. According to the post, Dion is more than welcome to come down to the shop to have them fix his “twig.”

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The comment section has gone crazy with people applauding the actions of the goalie who has since been named as Tyler Fortin. Apparently, everyone in the hockey community thinks this is too funny!

Via Chevy's Source for Sports Instagram

Via Chevy's Source for Sports Instagram

It looks like there were no hard feelings as Dion can be found in the comment section verifying that he will be headed to Source for Sports in Kelowna to get his stick fixed. 

Via Chevy's Source for Sports Instagram

Since being shared online, the video has been reposted by TSN and Barstool Sports. I guess with an act like this you are bound to go viral!

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