This scenic waterfall is just a short hike through the forest and is perfect for a road trip this summer.

Located just a few kilometres from the Chilliwack Lake day-use area, the hidden waterfall may be a challenge to locate at first - but once you find your way, it's completely worth it. With a beautiful swimming hole amongst two waterfalls, it really is the perfect spot to relax and swim on a hot day.

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The waterfall is an easy 2.5 km round trip hike that will take around an hour to complete - that is if you don't plan on hanging around the waterfall and swimming hole.

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The hike to get there is super easy, however, there is a challenging log bridge going over the creek - as well as some rugged trails and slippery rocks as you approach the top, so take caution!

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There are actually two waterfalls located at Bosumarne Falls, a lower and upper falls - the lower waterfall is quite small but still worth seeing before heading on up to the upper waterfall!

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The start of the hike is located a short two-hour drive from Vancouver, so it really is the perfect day trip for the summer. Add this one to your list for sure!