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This Bubble Tea Shop In Vancouver Actually Gives Their Customers A Discount When It Rains

Vancouver bubble tea shop offers coupon discount for rainy days in the city.
This Bubble Tea Shop In Vancouver Actually Gives Their Customers A Discount When It Rains

If you're from Vancouver then you know that it rains here quite often, this is why we've been dubbed Raincouver by locals. It rains so much that local entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to raise Vancouverites out of the depressing weather by creating small gestures of kindness to lift their spirits. 

A local "boba" or bubble tea shop in Vancouver is spreading a little kindness (and hilarity) by offering a discount to customers when it's raining outside. We guess that this is their way of showing empathy to customer's who have to deal with Vancouver's constantly rainy weather. 

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On December 28, @LoLYugi shared a receipt online showing that a local "boba shop" in Vancouver actually offered a discount to customers just because it's raining outside. On the receipt, you can see that the customer purchased two drinks that subtotalled to $13.00 and then there was a discount added entitled "F**k Rain!" that took an additional 10% off the price!

It may be a small gesture, but little things like this really make your day when it's miserable and pouring rain outside. 

Mildly interesting, this bubble tea place has a discount when it rains LOL.. in Vancouver ;)

December 28, 2018

If you're wondering where you can get this super sweet deal, you can find it in Richmond and in Vancouver, BC. 

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According to the receipt, the place that's selling these deliciously discounted drinks is Exposure Drink + Social House in Richmond, near Vancouver. They're located at #131-4600 No. 3 Road. 

If you're looking for something in Vancouver, you can also find Exposure Drink + Social House at 1706 Commercial Drive. 

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According to reviews, the restaurant has a great hip-hop vibe and they're drinks are to die for. You need to check out their specialty, Devil's Fresh Milk. It's the sweetest combination of brown sugar and milk tea. They're also known for having car meetups on Tuesday nights.

For more information, visit their website.

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