It can't be just us who believe that food can taste so much better when it looks amazing, right? Whether it's our brain fooling us into believing this - it's true, when a meal shows up in front of us looking 10/10, it can't help but make the whole experience better.

This one cafe in Vancouver has some of the most beautiful latte art we've seen in town, and you've got to check it out!

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With their first shop in Coquitlam, and having recently opened a new one opposite Olympic Oval in Richmond, Choco Coo Cafe specialises in cakes, desserts, and of course, coffee.

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Not only is the interior of the place beautiful, but you can tell the labour and love that goes into their pastries, cakes, and latte art. Not only is everything delicious - but super photogenic!

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We have a feeling this spot will be the next trending post on our Instagram feeds beacuse of their on-point latte art - so be sure to beat the crowd and head in to try their coffees today!

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Choco Coo's Coquitlam location is at C-501 North Road, and is open daily from 12pm till 12am. Their Richmond location is at 135-7488 Lansdowne Road, and is open Monday to Friday from 10am till 10pm, and weekends from 12pm till 12am.