We know that everyone loves Starbucks, right? This news isn't revolutionary. For years, Starbucks chains have been taking over Canada, the United States and even other countries across the world. They've completely dominated the coffee game. 

So, it's no surprise that metropolitan areas like Toronto and Ottawa are flooded with Starbucks locations. But, would you be surprised if we told you that one Canadian city has 109 locations in the downtown core? 

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Yes, you heard that right.

According to a new post on Reddit, Vancouver is home to 109 Starbucks locations. As you may know, the Greater Vancouver area is pretty large. It spans all the way from Bowen Island to the edges of the Canadian border in White Rock and Langley.

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But the actual city of Vancouver is pretty small, so 109 Starbucks is definitely shocking. It's a running joke in the city that you could throw a stone in any direction and you'd probably hit at least one Starbucks and now we know why that's so true.

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But, if you wanted to know more about the rest of the Greater Vancouver Area, there are also tons of Starbucks around the region. In a post on Reddit, someone shared a picture of the Burnaby area and how there were literally 6 Starbucks within a one block radius. It's insane! 

In the post on Reddit, the source announced that in Burnaby there are 24 locations. In Surrey, there are 32 with a shocking population of 16, 184 customers. Here's the link to the full Reddit post.

Vancouver's love for the American coffee chain is unreal. 

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