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You Can Attend A Massive Pillow Fight In This Canadian City Next Weekend (PHOTOS)

This Canadian city will be hosting a massive pillow fight next month.
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You Can Attend A Massive Pillow Fight In This Canadian City Next Weekend (PHOTOS)

Start warming up your throwing arm, Canada.  Next month, a massive pillow fight will take place in the downtown centre of a major Canadian city. Get ready to act like a kid again, grab your least favourite pillow and watch the feathers fly!

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Next month, Vancouver will be hosting its annual pillow fight. That’s right! You can relive all your childhood slumber party fantasies with a large group of strangers. What could possibly be better?

This pillow fight will be taking place on April 6, 2019, which is evidently the same day as International Pillow Fight Day. That means that all around the world on April 6, people will be taking part in this event and we are lucky enough to have it right here in Vancouver. Here’s what you need to know. 

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This year’s the event will take place at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 3 PM sharp so don’t be late. The entirety of the event will last about 30 minutes so be sure to get some good hits in. Everyone is welcome to attend and the event is free. 

Everyone is asked to keep their pillows concealed and away until the start of the fight. You’ll know exactly when it starts because right at 3 PM everyone will yell “pillow fight.”

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While it seems pretty straight forward, there are a couple of rules. Be sure to stay off the road during the fight. We don’t want anyone to get hurt! Also, be sure to only hit people who have pillows. If a person does not have pillow they are off limits and not participating. Plus, you wouldn't want to target an unarmed person anyway! 

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You can bring any pillow you wantbut we suggest goose-down or anything with feathers as it makes for the best sight when it explodes! We also suggest wearing pyjamas because, why not?

This is not the first time this massive pillow fight has come to Vancouver. In past years, hundreds of people have flocked to the downtown area to take part in this iconic event. 

Don’t worry if you don’t want to participate. You can watch the chaos ensue from the sidelines. Just watch for flying shrapnel! The event is only a few short days away so start picking your weapon and practising your swing. 

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In case you needed more reason to go, check out these photos: 

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Via GoToVan |

Via GoToVan |

Via GoToVan |

Via GoToVan |

For more details on the event, you can visit this link.

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