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This Canadian City Is Planning To Switch Over To Electric Buses And Have 100% Renewable Energy

This is a great move towards sustainability in the city.

Some good news to brighten up your day today: the public transit in Vancouver is going to get much more sustainable, with a plan to achieve 100% renewable energy! Here's hoping other cities will follow suit for a more environmentally conscious public transit system. 

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Greater Vancouver transit company, Translink, is planning to replace its entire fleet of public transit to be electrically fuelled. This means not only the buses will be switched over to electric buses, but also the Seabus, the West Coast Express and more! 

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The report by Translink read, “to achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy, TransLink’s entire fleet including highway coaches, SeaBus vessels, West Coast Express, Community Shuttles, HandyDART vehicles, and non-revenue Transit Police cars, pool cars and maintenance vehicles would be battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, or run off of renewable fuels."

And it's not only their public transit vehicles that will be more sustainable – their facilities would also be mainly electric powered. 

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According to Translink, this sustainable proposal is entirely possible to implement. Furthermore, the report read that "many of the low-carbon actions will pay for themselves over the long term" and listed many of the benefits, such as cleaner and less polluted air and lowered costs of renewable fuels. 

This is a great move towards sustainabililty in Vancouver and would improve air quality, among many other things. According to the report, Translink is aiming to have 100% renewable energy in Vancouver and a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 80% by 2050. 

For more information on the proposal, you can check out the full report here