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This Canadian City Is Replacing Police Officers With Fake Police Cutouts To Scare Drivers Into Slowing Down

Coquitlam RCMP are tricking residents into slowing down with fake cutouts.

Speeding is something that drivers frequently get tickets for from police officers. And a Canadian city has come up with a new, creative idea to slow down speedy drivers. 

The RCMP in B.C. is starting to use fake cutouts of police officers holding radar guns in Coquitlam to slow down drivers. The metal cut-out has even been given a name “Constable Scarecrow”. The scarecrow will soon make an appearance on roads in Coquitlam for the next two months as part of a pilot project. 

New Coquitlam RCMP Traffic Officer does not sleep and works for free. https://t.co/weMMamxYsw pic.twitter.com/CMqRyL2og0

September 18, 2018

This idea was inspired by the U.K., the Coquitlam RCMP said in a news release. "We think it could work, and it’s a low-cost, good-humoured way to improve our presence and perhaps make people think twice about speeding," said Sergeant Quentin Frewing, who works with the Coquitlam RCMP Traffic Section. 

So how will you know which is the "Constable Scarecrow"? The life-sized cut-out will have a RCMP police officer holding up a laser speed-reader. Constable Scarecrow doesn’t write tickets of course, but drivers should be aware that real Mounties, and our Speed Watch volunteers, might be right around the corner waiting to help out, said Sergeant Frewing. The real goal here is to keep speeds down and keep our roads safe. 

The police are hoping this new initiative will improve road safety without being costly, since these metal cut-outs cost $500 each, according to Global News. In comparison, an RCMP Constable makes an annual salary of $53,144, according to the RCMP. If you divide that by the number of working days in Canada, which is around 251 days, that equates to around $211 per day. 

Who is the real deal? Constable Scarecrow or Cst. Ericson - will you be able to spot the difference if you are speeding? #SlowDown pic.twitter.com/1gFFH3SuQq

September 18, 2018

The RCMP will not be disclosing where exactly the metal cut-outs will be in Coquitlam, so keep your eyes peeled when driving on the roads in that neighbourhood. What we do know from them, however, is that the locations with speeding problems will probably be frequented by the "Constable Scarecrow". 

Will this new endeavour work? Only time will tell. Who knows what other Canadian cities it could pop up in? But in the meantime, be on the lookout for these cutouts, Coquitlam drivers.