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This Canadian Got Out Of His Car To Smash Someone's Window In A Fit Of "Holiday Road Rage" (VIDEO)

Vancouver man attacked another person's car in the middle of traffic and the video is crazy!
This Canadian Got Out Of His Car To Smash Someone's Window In A Fit Of "Holiday Road Rage" (VIDEO)

During the holiday season, Canadians are pressed to work extra hard until the holidays roll around, spend all of their extra time Christmas shopping and driving from place to place seeing friends, family and going to holiday events. During the holidays, tourists tend to come into the city to visit their family as well, which means that there are a ton of stressed-out and irritable drivers on the road.

That fact is proven by the video in this article, in a fit of "holiday road rage" a Vancouver man got out of his car in the middle of traffic to attack and attempt to smash another driver's window. It's that's not a clear sign of holiday stress, then I don't know what is! 

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When the holidays roll around, local law enforcement always reminds Canadians to be careful and safe on the roads, not only because there are a lot of parties and drivers should avoid drinking and driving, but also because there's an influx of tourist and even locals driving around the city that normally wouldn't be. 

These circumstances can definitely become hazardous when driving through the streets of Vancouver. 

Via Sienkpawel |

In a video posted to Reddit Vancouver last night, a driver was crossing an intersection when they saw a car stopped in the middle of traffic. After approaching the scene, they saw a white SUV stopped in the middle of a busy street, doors open halting traffic behind them. 

Upon closer inspection, it looks like a man in the white SUV got out the car and began smashing the driver's side door of the car behind them. As the Redditor passes the scene, you can see an older woman, possibly the mother of the younger man, get out of the white SUV to grab him and bring him back into their car.

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Via Sienkpawel |

As the woman drags the car assaulter back into their car, you can see a huge line up of over a dozen cars behind the crazy incident. It's safe to say that this temper tantrum definitely caused a delay in traffic. 

In the comments section, locals are discussing how the city becomes angrier and angrier during the holidays, leading to many events similar to the one shown in this video.

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While some argue that it's all year round and is not related to Christmas, many locals are chalking it up to Christmas stress. As Clay_Statue says, "It's absolutely December related. Somehow the traffic is 3x worse all December. Christmas makes people bitchy af."

To watch the full video, click here or watch below.

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