Canadian Man Assaulted A Cop Then Ran Away, Got Hit By A Truck, Kept Running And Still Managed To Get Caught (VIDEO)

Three men have been arrested and an officer is recovering from his injuries.
Canadian Man Assaulted A Cop Then Ran Away, Got Hit By A Truck, Kept Running And Still Managed To Get Caught (VIDEO)

An intense incident between three men and Canadian police took place in Vancouver on the night of October 9th. A video that documented part of the incident has been posted on Youtube and the footage is insane. The whole thing seems like it's straight out of a movie and the part where he gets hit by a truck is reminiscent of a scene from Mean Girls. If you know, you know. 

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In a series of crazy events, a man is allegedly kicked in the stomach by police, flees the scene of the incident, only to be hit by a moving vehicle. In the video, someone, allegedly a police officer, can even be heard saying "You’re under arrest you little b***h". 

It all started during a routine traffic stop when a car that drove through a traffic restricted street in Vancouver, according to a news statement from the Vancouver Police Department. The car was then stopped by police, and what ensued was lots and lots of drama. 

The police officers were assaulted by the men, according to the VPD. "When one officer opened the passenger door, the front passenger pulled him into the vehicle and two men began to punch him repeatedly in his head and face. As the other officer rushed to help, all three men exited the vehicle and continued to assault the officers", according to the news statement.  

Via Adam Johnson | Youtube

But the drama didn't stop there. One of the suspects takes off and tries to run away from the cops. In the video, you can see him running away and in a shocking turn of events, gets hit by a truck less than 10 seconds after. To our surprise, he quickly gets up and runs off! 

You can check out the whole video below, which was posted onto Youtube by a witness on the scene. 

After he gets up and starts running, the witness who is filming runs after him and so does a police officer. While the video blacks out for about 60 seconds, you can hear someone, who we suspect is the bystander filming, saying, "I'm trying to help you, you just got hit by a car" and the suspect saying, "Let go, get off me man". However the screen is black so it cannot be verified for certain who is saying what.

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But this exchange that gets not so friendly pretty quick. Someone in the background is heard saying "You're under arrest you little b***h, stop f**king resisting". Based on the context of the video, it sounds like it was the police officer who chased the suspect down the street. 

Despite the suspect's efforts, he's eventually caught. The video finally comes back on and shows police officers arresting a man who is face down on the ground. The bystander who filmed the video points at a person, presumably a plain clothes officer who chased the suspect from the initial incident scene and says, "That dude kicked him in the stomach pretty hard for no reason". The undercover cop responds back saying, "He severely assaulted my partner". 

Via Adam Johnson | Youtube

In the aftermath of the incident, all three of the men have now been arrested, according to the VPD. They are facing several criminal charges, such as assault causing bodily harm and theft. 

The VPD said in their news statement"All three men in the vehicle, in their early 20s, were confrontational and verbally abusive. The officers became concerned for their safety as the occupants refused to follow police direction and began reaching under the seat".

The man who got hit by a truck in the video was taken to a hospital but has now been released, according to the VPD news release. One police officer that was involved is suffering from injuries from the assault and is currently recovering.