This Canadian Realtor Received An Extremely Racist Letter Saying She's "Not Welcome" In The Neighbourhood

People have been showing their support for the realtor on social media.
This Canadian Realtor Received An Extremely Racist Letter Saying She's "Not Welcome" In The Neighbourhood

In Canada, the number of incidents involving verbal attacks and racist rants has been rising considerably this year. It's disappointing that 2018 has been filled with horrible videos and photos depicting racism within our nation. This most recent story is no different.

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A realtor was personally targeted in a Canadian city by a local who assured her that she was not welcome in the neighbhourhood. This person called her derogatory names, commented on appearance, her heritage and more. The letter was frankly hateful. 

A realtor received an anonymous letter telling her that she was "not welcome or wanted" in a neighbourhood where she works. She shared the letter on social media and it has prompted an overwhelming amount of responses. 

Winnie Wu is a realtor from Coquitlam, BC that received a hateful letter that called her out on her race. She posted the letter to Facebook, saying "An extremely racist letter I received in the mail. This type of hatred is appalling and should not exist in our community." 

The letter had numerous racial slurs. It read that Wu "and all other asian realtors in our cities" were not welcome and that "the citizens who belong here, who were here long before you people pushed your way in, have no use for you". The letter also called Asians "chinks and gooks" and said that "this letter reflects the real opinion of the majority". 

Dozens of people have commented on the Facebook post in support of Wu. Since sharing, the post has received over 400 Facebook reacts, 380 shares and over 180 comments. Many of the people who have been commenting are showing their support to Wu. 

In response to the public support, Wu expressed her gratitude. She commented on the original Facebook post and said, "Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. I posted this message because it made me sad and I posted to Facebook hoping for support from friends. It’s grown into something much bigger." 

The realtor also said that she has filed a report to the police about the letter.