Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be sipping on a Negroni by a roaring fire only to see KJ Apa stroll in and sit down beside you? Well, if you visit The Gerard Lounge in Vancouver, that's a very high possibility. 

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During the months the cast is in town filming Riverdale, they can often be spotted having an evening refreshment in a dark, cozy corner at this historic bar in The Sutton Place Hotel. This is because of two reasons. First of all, it's right downstairs from where most of them stay. Convenience is everything after a long day on set. Secondly, the space is a magnet for celebrities and film and television industry professionals alike.  

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Vancouver, AKA "Hollywood North", has always had consistent spots for celebrity-sightings. But due to a long-standing history with the industry, The Sutton Place is usually the best bet. Whether you're in their upscale restaurant, Boulevard Kitchen, their expansive lobby, or at Gerard, you could very well run into Camila Mendes or Lili Reinhart. Just do your best to be respectful of their space. After all, they too want to enjoy it. 

The Gerard Lounge isn't just great for star-spotting. It's also just a gorgeous English-style bar that's ideal for any time of the year. 

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In the warmer months, Gerard is a great place to meet-up for a fancy cocktail before a night out. Then there are those colder months where you can curl up by their fire and sip on a glass of champagne, a boulevardier, or an expertly made old-fashioned. 

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Whether it's the cast of Riverdale that draws you, or you feel like spoiling yourself, chances are The Gerard Lounge is a perfect choice. 

Find out more about The Gerard Lounge at The Sutton Place Hotel by visiting their website here