This Epic Travelling Amusement Park Is Coming To Cities Across BC This Spring

A travelling amusement park is coming to cities across BC this spring.
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This Epic Travelling Amusement Park Is Coming To Cities Across BC This Spring

The weather is starting to warm up, which means that Canadians will be excited to start spending their time outdoors again! One major spring attraction that comes to BC every year is beginning their tour this week and we're beyond excited! Every year, this epic amusement park travels to cities all across BC in the spring and you won’t want to miss it. Keep reading to find out all the essential details. 

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West Coast Amusements is a well known travelling amusement park. In fact, it is actually the largest Canadian midway operation in western Canada. Throughout the year, it stops in 129 locations with over 125 trailer-mounted rides. Lucky for us, it is going all across BC so there is no excuse to miss out. 

Starting Thursday, March 21,the West Coast Amusements carnival will be packing up and heading all across BC. Along for the ride will be over 120 thrill-seeking rides. All your favourites will be there including the Tornado, Tilt A Whirl, Fireball, and the Zipper. And that’s just to name a few! 

Don’t worry if you’re the light of heart. This attraction is still for you. There will be tons of milder rides including the Expo Wheel,  Ferris Wheel, and the Cliffhanger. 

Like any good carnival, there will be tons of food and prizes. Whoever has attended a West Coast Amusement park before knows there tons of food vendors offering treats just waiting to be tasted. You can get anything from your classic cotton candy and caramel apples, to maybe some gourmet pizza. 

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Make sure you bring your competitive spirit. There will be lots of opportunities to test your luck or go head to head with a friend while you compete for an iconic carnival stuffed animal. 

The West Coast Amusement tour around BC will kick off this Thursday. The first stop will be in Richmond where the carnival will lay down their games and rides for 11 full days of fun! 

After that, it will be hitting the road again and taking over cities including Chilliwack, Surrey, Kamloops, Nanaimo, and West Vancouver to name a few.

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The travelling amusement parkwill be making their BCrounds from this Thursday to May. After that, they will make a quick stop to our neighbours in the east and visit Alberta and Saskatchewan. But don’t worry, they will be back again for the summer and will end their tour in BC in August and September. 

In case you needed another reason to visit, tickets to get in are cheap! Wristbands that give you unlimited access to the rides are only $40 and it lasts the entire day! There are also good deals for those who are less enthusiastic about riding every ride over and over again. Ticket books are sold in packs of 20s and 40s for $23 and $45 respectively. 

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Wristbands and tickets can be purchased the day of the event at any ticket holder on site. Be sure to visit the West Coast Amusement website to see when this attraction is headed your way!

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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