Do you like all things horrifying? Do you enjoy terrorizing friends? Is October your favourite time of the year because you can finally do all of the weird spooky things that you've been waiting all year long to do? Get excited because there is something truly spooky happening in a field nearby.

Well, you don't have to wait any longer, you can now drive out to Abbotsford for a truly haunting night of fun. There is a huge haunted corn maze packed with creepy clowns, creatures from the underworld, real chainsaws and gory scenes of carnage. 

The geniuses at Maan Farms Country Experience & Estate Winery have created their creepiest haunted corn maze yet! The operations manager that designed this year's maze has travelled all over America researching the nation's scariest haunts, determined to create the best haunted corn maze Canada has ever seen. 

via @apriel_diva

The director of this creepy catastrophe has incorporated terrifying live actors, horror-film scenarios and hidden interactive props. He even added these huge shipping containers in the field that will be a haunted house of sorts. These haunted shipping containers are meant to throw off your senses and confuse you when you're trying to make your way out of this creepy corn maze! 

It will feel like you're literally the star in your own horror movie - what's scarier than that? The maze is located at Maan's Farms Country Experience & Estate Winery at 790 McKenzie Rd in Abbotsford. The corn maze runs every night at 7 PM from October 6th - October 31st. Tickets are sold out online, but you can definitely buy tickets at the door. Find more ticket info here.

You will have to rely on your senses, run away from scarers, hide until it's safe to proceed and try to make your way out of this maze... alive

Good luck! 😉

Here's another sneak peek of what you're getting yourself into..