This Hidden Gem Hot Springs In BC Is Definitely Worth The Road Trip

It may only be spring, but we all know that summer is just an arm's reach away. What makes the warmer seasons the best seasons (besides actually getting some sun of course) are the hikes, road trips, camps, and outdoor activities lined up for you.

This 2018, you'll definitely have to make the time to road trip out to one of BC's best-kept secrets, a relaxing hot spring just two hours away from Pemberton.

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Located just east of Garibaldi Provincial Park, about a three-hour drive from Whistler, is the low key Sloquet Hot Springs. This incredible spot is a naturally formed hot spring fed by a crashing hot waterfall that leads into the Sloquet River.

The hot spring is situated in territory that traditionally belongs to the Xa’xtsa First Nation. While it still remains a sacred place for the First Nations as they perform spiritual and cleansing ceremonies here, it's also an ideal spot for tourists to relax and find their zen.

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The Sloquet Hot Springs makes for a perfect road trip destination as they have a vast campsite just five minutes away from the springs. If you're looking to have a rowdy camping experience, you'll definitely find the right camp crowd to party with.

If you're in for more of a relaxing, nature getaway, you can get that too. Just a few 100 metres away, you'll find serene tranquillity without any sound pollution - except of course for the calming sounds of birds singing, wind blowing, and leaves rustling.

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Though Sloquet Hot Springs is open all year-round, it is best visited between May and November to avoid snowy conditions. Camping fees cost $5 per person, but most likely you'll be road tripping with a group of friends. If you are, the campsite offers a group rate of $15 for 6 people total.

The driving conditions can be quite rough as it consists of about 85km of gravel road, so definitely be prepared. Even bringing an extra tire won't hurt.

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While you're at the hot springs, there are a few important things to note. As this place holds much sacred and spiritual value to the Xa’xtsa people, it is requested that all visitors wear bathing suits and abstain from consuming alcohol. Please be respectful of the environment and always pick up after yourself.

The Sloquet Hot Springs is a gem that's waiting for you to discover. For more information, check out their website here.