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This Hidden Gem Lake In BC Is Literally Paradise On Earth

You've never seen water this blue before!

You'd be surprised what's hidden in British Columbia when you venture up north. Sometimes all it takes is an eye-catching spot, a full tank of gas and a worn down pair of runners. But oh my, you'd be amazed at what you can find in your own backyard. 

Take for example, this gorgeous limestone quarry. The water switches elegantly from a mesmerizing emerald to a gorgeous blue - the type of water that you only imagine seeing on a tropical island. And to think, you're still in British Columbia. 

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This jaw-dropping destination is located on Texada Island and shares the names of 'Quarry Lake' or 'Heischolt Lake'. A perfect summer swimming hole is surrounded by tall green trees, and commanding pillars of rock.

The lake has its colour due to the minerals and stones in the water. Not only does the water have a beautiful colour to it, but it can be quite warm in the summer!

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Getting here can be rather tricky, so you'll want to check these in-depth directions. It might take you a ferry ride (or more!) and a lot of driving. But there's a strong case that the journey is well worth the destination.