I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person who can't go a single week without eating sushi at least once... if not twice. Sushi is always the go-to response whenever someone asks "where do you wanna eat?" #sorrynotsorry.

Sushi is life. From sushi rolls, sushi burritos to sushi pizza - the neverending sushi mashups that people have come up with serves as a testament to the glory and awesomeness of sushi.

And now, coming to you from a little-known Japanese restaurant in East Van called Kimu is the "sushi cake".

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The sushi cake is exactly what it sounds like - it has all the components of sushi but simply made in the shape of a cake. It starts with a crispy fried rice patty as the base, then stacked with some crab, shitake mushrooms and avocado, and the centrepiece is the flame torched salmon sashimi placed on top in the shape of a rose. Last but not least, it's drizzled with a sweet spicy mayo and balsamic reduction, topped with capers and garlic chips.

I know, my mouth is watering too.

But it doesn't stop there, Kimu also offers sushi pizza (yasss!), aburi sushi, and tons of other delicious sushi items that will satiate your sushi craving tummy. And if you're not a fan of raw fish, they have plenty of hot items as well, like their rice dons and kitchen entrées.

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The space may not be particularly flashy or fancy, but it's definitely got your homey sushi joint feel - perfect for stuffing your face full of rice and salmon sans the guilt or judgement.

Kimu is located at 4441 Boundary Rd. Open daily from 11:30 AM to 9 PM, and until 9:30 PM Thursday to Saturday.