Are you seeking a new summer hangout spot that is away from the crowds in Vancouver?

During the summer it can sometimes feel like every spot in Vancouver is crowded with those who want to appreciate the beautiful sunshine. One of the most beautiful caves is just a ferry ride away from Vancouver, and is hidden away on the coast of one of the beautiful Gulf Islands.

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Galiano Island possesses some breathtaking geological formations, lush forests, and a large range of wildlife - you may even get the opportunity to spot whales from the shoreline!

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The shores of Galiano Island are lined with sandstone, and the formations on the shore are incredible - the sandstone erodes over centuries and creates beautiful patterns that are a real testament to Mother Nature.

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This particular cave hidden in Retreat Cove is located just a short walk from Retreat Cove Road, and it isn't hard to see how the caves are a social media sensation! These brilliant structures are a sight to behold, with their smooth curves created by waves consistently wearing down the sandstone. 

These sandstone caves are truly magical to stroll through and explore.

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This would be an amazing spot to hang out during a chill summer day in the sun, exploring the many sandstone caves that Galiano Island has to offer.