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This Horror-Themed VR Game In Vancouver Is The Most Terrifying Thing You'll Ever Experience

If you're under 18, you will need a signed waiver. 💀

I think we've all tried the escape rooms in Vancouver. Lbh, you probably failed or if you passed, it's probably because it's your fifth time playing that room. In October you won't have to worry about passing or failing with this new virtual reality hospital of horrors experience. 

This haunting VR experience will have you frightened for days. The virtual haunted house will open on October 1st, so prepare to be scared. 

They have kept images of the experience completely under wraps thus far. Why would they want to give away their best scares before you experience it for yourself? Have a peek below at some images and videos from their other rooms to give you a taste of what you're in for. 😳 

Smartypantz Entertainment Corp. is known for their infamously tricky escape rooms equipped with actors and gore alike. Now they've taken it to the next level with their new VR haunted house. 

Once you put on your VR headset you will be transported to the horrifying hospital. You and your friend will walk around the abandoned rooms and ride the elevator. On the website, they also warn that you will not be alone...

via @smartypantzru1

via @smartypantzru1

The duration of their escape rooms total at 45 minutes, but this horror experience is only 10. minutes. long. I can't imagine how scary it's going to be if they think we can only handle 10 minutes.

The early bird price for 2 people is $40. You can book your haunted house experience now on their website.

Right in time for Halloween, this new horrifying virtual reality experience will have you terrified until October 31st (or possibly even longer).

Everyone loves a good scare, right? Or is it just me... 🙋