These Shocking Videos Prove That Driving In This Canadian City Is Completely Dangerous

Vancouver drivers are seriously the worst in all of Canada.
These Shocking Videos Prove That Driving In This Canadian City Is Completely Dangerous
Editorial Operations Manager

It's common knowledge that drivers are no longer safe in Metro Vancouver. Driving is getting worse across the country, but Vancouverites are notorious for being the worst drivers throughout the province and probably in all of Canada. Not only that, we deal with unpredictable drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in the city.  

Most locals have resorted to sticking a 24/7 dashcam in their cars because it's literally so dangerous to drive in the city. You never know what's going to happen when you run out to grab groceries. 

Here are three new videos that were posted this past weekend on Reddit that blew our minds and proved once again, that driving in Vancouver is definitely not safe. 

The first video was taken in the downtown core of Vancouver and posted on Reddit two days ago. It looks like a man was driving behind a white car who was given an unexpected surprised after honking at a jaywalker. 

In the very beginning of the video, you can see the white car in the video slam on his breaks and honk as a pedestrian crosses in front of his car. After the car honks, the pedestrian, in retaliation, swings his backpack and skateboard at the side of the car! 

You can see the car pull over into the next side street, but the pedestrian gets on his skateboard and rides away. 

Let’s learn to drive in an empty parking lot.


The second video was also posted on Reddit two days ago and shows someone apparently "learning to drive". 

The second video shows a driver pulling off of the main road and into a parking lot to seemingly turn around. Once they enter the parking lot, the driver just misses a pedestrian, turns around in a handicap parking spot and without spotting the oncoming traffic drives straight into another vehicle! 

According to the comments, one Redditor claims a second video was posted with another point of view that shows what happened. It looks like the driver wanted to get back onto the road, didn't see another car coming in and when they did, the driver tried to slam on the break but hit the gas instead!

That's why you see the driver accelerate right into the other car, fly over the grassy median and almost hit a pedestrian! This one literally hurts to watch. The third video seems was posted on Facebook by Yanfend Cao then it was shared on Reddit

I think it's safe to say that Vancouver is full of reckless and dangerous drivers. 

Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager