You pretty much can't go wrong with cafes in Vancouver because they're all very, very cute. So when we say that this cafe is the freaking cutest cafe in Vancouver, you know we mean business.

Olive + Ruby, at 2839 West Broadway, is an adorable cafe that serves delicious smoothies and juices, healthy snacks, and great coffee. The best part is, the interior is really freaking cute.

The first thing you'll notice before you even enter the cafe will be their adorable suspended cage chairs...

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As you walk in you'll pass this stunning colorful mural...

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And then you'll stroll on in to be warmly welcomed by friendly and hospitable staff at this very aesthetically pleasing minimalist service counter...

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Then you'll find your way to a spot in the cafe to notice the splendid greenery that instantly brightens up the entire room...

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And finally you'll be more than pleasantly surprised with the freshness, quality and absolute tastiness of their healthy snacks ranging from acai bowls to smashed avocado toast, basil pasta to apple grilled cheeses.

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And after you're finished your little Insta photoshoot of this cafe, you can sit down, take a sip, and feel completely cozy, welcome and part of the community.

Bringing different parts of the community together, with a beautiful and whimsical mural designed by local artist, Dana Mooney, personally handcrafted coffee mugs from Three Corner's Artisan, coffee beans from Vancouver-based Pallet Coffee Roasters, and freshly made bread from Beyond Bread, Olive + Ruby creates a space where everyone can come together and enjoy all that is Vancouver.

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