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This Is The Coolest Road Trip You'll Ever Go On From Vancouver To Portland

Right around now is the perfect time to go for a short weekend road trip to Portland. It's close, you can take advantage of the last bit of your sweet summer, and there's tons of awesome things to do.

From swimming holes in Cape Flattery to fruit-loops covered, penis-shaped doughnuts in Portland, this road trip will take you around to the coolest spots between Vancouver and Portland...not to mention, satisfy all your wanderlust dreams as well as your Insta-feed.

Here we go!

Click here for the link to Google Maps.


Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery // Langley

Start out chill by picking some berries and taking pictures with huge sunflowers at Krause Berry Farms. Their custard berry pies and sangria are absolutely to die for! Then when you're fuelled up on fruit and a glass of wine (drink responsibly!), it's time to head to Washington.

Diablo Lake // Whatcom County

Located in North Cascades National Park just off of Highway 20 is the glistening turquoise glacier-fed Diablo Lake. There are also tons of trails, waterfalls, and even a suspension bridge at Ross Dam to go explore.

Space Needle // Seattle

So going to the Space Needle may sound a little overrated, but if you haven't been to the Space Needle, can you really say you've seen all of Seattle? Take in the incredible views from 184 meters high at the top of the needle.

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Mount Rainier National Park // Pierce County

If BC isn't enough for you, Washington's got it. Mount Rainier National Park is all things #PNW. From suspension bridges and hiking trails to sweeping meadows and snow-capped mountains.

Cape Flattery // Clallam County

This location deserves at least three images because one just can't do it justice. At the most north-western point of the States is Cape Flattery. This beautiful park has magical boardwalk trails, secluded swimming holes, and views that are just absolutely stunning.

Portland Japanese Garden // Portland

You finally made it to Oregon, yay! So now you have to celebrate by visiting one of Portland's most beautiful tourist spots, the Portland Japanese Garden. The garden is incredible authentic and includes waterfalls, bridges, koi ponds and of course, lush Japanese style green landscapes. Trust us, everyone who goes, loves it.

Voodoo Doughnuts // Portland

You can't go to Portland and not have their Insta-famous Voodoo Doughnuts. From fruit loop covered, penis-shaped doughnuts to their infamous pink wall, this doughnut shop deserves a spot on this road trip.

Oregon Sand Dunes // Reedsport

At the end of the road trip, you absolutely have to visit the Oregon Sand Dunes. Not only are the views absolutely breathtaking, you can even ATV here! Go ride around the sand dunes and have the time of your life.

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