Brace yourselves guys - another famous Japanese franchise is opening up right here in Vancouver!

This modern tea-house that has over 70 cafes across Japan as well as overseas stores in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hawaii, specialises in a range of drinks and desserts made with matcha.

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Nana's Green Tea, which was established a decade ago in Tokyo, is preparing to open a location in Kerrisdale in June!

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The extensive menu includes decadent drinks such as matcha chocolate crunch latte topped with soft serve ice-cream, and hoji-cha (roasted tea) topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

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The desserts that are served at Nana's Green Tea include parfaits, cakes, and sweet soups - such as matcha gateaux chocolate parfait, matcha chiffon cake, and red bean and matcha soup with rice-flour dumplings!

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The desserts at Nana's Green Tea are super Instagram-worthy - we have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of this place on your feed once it opens, it will definitely be the perfect spot to grab dessert and hang out this summer!

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Aside from their drinks and dessert, they also serve a number of savoury items including rice bowls and udon.

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All of the green tea leaves that are used by the company are sourced from the city of Uji, near Kyoto, and its azuki beans (red beans) are sourced from Hokkaido in Japan.

Nana's Green Tea will be located at 2135 West 41st Avenue.