So, I know you don't want to hear it, but we've only got about six weeks of summer left. It's now or never, do or die, make or break, before fall starts to creep back into your life and you have to start wearing rain boots again (sighhh).

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Somehow we have to squeeze all the summer tingz into every sunny weekend you have left. Time to carpe diem! Here we've made the perfect itinerary for you to follow to have the most perfect sunny Saturday in Vancouver ever.

*The full map is linked at the bottom of the article 😉*

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Start your morning with a glorious cuppa joe...we know you need it. Birds and The Beets in Gastown is the most adorable little café to be sipping your coffee at and taking a couple Insta shots as well. You can even stick around and grab one of their delicious avocado toasts that are almost too beautiful to eat.

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Now that you've primed your stomach and your energy with some caffeine, you're ready for some good old brunch. Walk over to Tuc Craft Kitchen for their famous Fried Chicken and Waffles. The servings are HUGE and the chicken is CRISPY. 

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Okay, so you're fueled up and ready to go seize the day! Take a stroll through Gastown and bask in the old world charm of this Vancouver neighbourhood. Don't be afraid to walk into the adorable boutique stores curated with the most stylish clothes on the block.

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Whether you're the next basketball all star or not, this colourful little alley way one of Vancouver's hidden gems for shooting some hoops or snapping a few cute Insta shots. Bring your own basketball or maybe even join in on a game and make some friends.

(This alley way is located on the map just south of Hastings and in between Seymour and Granville.)

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Now it's time for a moment of art appreciation! Make your way on up to the Vancouver Art Gallery and ponder the artistic works of your favourite Canadian artists as well as the whimsical floral exhibit of Claude Monet.

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If your feet aren't dying yet and you think you can handle one more afternoon adventure, head down to Robson St for some shopping! If you didn't find anything at the small boutiques in Gastown, I'm certain you'll find something here.

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So by now you're probably starving and hangry AF. Well I've got just the place for you. Homer St Cafe is by far one of the most delicious and aesthetically pleasing restaurants out there. Located on a low key street, the interior atmosphere is trés chic and super sleek, and the patio ambience is to die for. We defs recommend ordering their famous rotisserie chicken.

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You've got your fill of savoury food and I hope you've left room for dessert. Take a short stroll over to Mister as you take in the gorgeous street views of Yaletown. This super cool nitrogen made ice cream shop just rolled out with their all-black coconut ice cream with black waffle cones. If you're not in love with the coco, we recommend trying their Thai Milk Tea flavour.

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The night's not quite over yet. If you've still got the energy and take the challenge, get your ready-to-party self over to Hello Goodbye for good drinks and a good time.

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So you either partied 'til the end of the evening or til' the next morning, either way, you're beat. Sober up and chill by the marina side and enjoy the waterfront views as your reminisce on what an awesome Saturday you just had.

On foot, the entire walk through takes just under an hour (4.3 km). High heels aren't suggested...but no ones stopping you.

Here is the link to the full map. Have a fun weekend!