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This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Vancouver Summer Bar Crawl

Do you think you can finish it?!
This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Vancouver Summer Bar Crawl

Do you struggle with figuring out where you want to go on a Friday night?

Me to, everyone does. Luckily for you, we've got your whole night planned for you, maybe even the whole weekend if you can handle it!

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This epic26 stop bar crawl has been divided into 3 maps so you don't end up with a life long hangover. Only a true savage would challenge themselves and their friends to do this epic crawl all in one go.


Map 1 which you can follow here will take you through all the stops in Gastown, leaving even the most experienced of bar hoppers "gassed out".

1. Tacofino // 15 W Cordova St

Go for: Taco's (duh). As well, their pitchers of sangria and their pitchers of lime margarita's are bomb. 

2. The Diamond // 6 Powell St

Go for: Scenic upstairs bar, craft cocktails, Japanese food (Right? Who would have thought! It's good too!) 

3. Portside Pub // 7 Alexander Street

Go for: Hype environment, cheap drinks, great place if you bring your whole squad out with you as it's very friendly for large groups.

4. Chill Winston // 3 Alexander St, Vancouver

Go for: Boujee food, massive patio, great cocktails and rotating tap selection. And just go because after this summer, you won't be able to!

5. Guilt & Company // 1 Alexander St

Go for: Live music, romantic ambience, an always evolving craft cocktail menu, Oh, and did we forget to mention they don't charge cover here?

6. Lamplighter // 92 Water St, Vancouver

Go for: One of the largest beer menu's Gastown has to offer, Hype crowds, and only a 5 minute walk from the train if you're a quitter.

7. Revel Room // 238 Abbott St, Vancouver

Go for: Cocktail roulette, live music, intimate atmosphere.

8. The Metropole // 320 Abbott St, Vancouver

Go for: REALLY cheap drinks, arcade games, Mario Kart, ping pong, games nights on Sundays!! 

9. The Pint // 455 Abbott St

Go for: 2 floors of dancing, chill environment, $15 happy hour pitchers.

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10. EXP Bar // 309 W Pender St

Go for: Game themed everything, relaxed social environments, the funnest video game related event nights you'll find downtown.


Map 2 (linked here) will take guide you through Granville Street and straight into Yaletown, where you can get all "bad and boujee" with your homies. As well, if you want to call it quits here, the Canada Line is half a block away. (Nobody likes a quitter).

11. Prohibition // 801 W Georgia St

Go for: Fancy atmosphere, absinth fountains, live music, definitely go here if you're trying to flex for the gram!

12. The Bottleneck // 870 Granville St

Go for: Hip hop and throwback music, casual drinks, great place to chill and have a couple while you decide if you're drunk enough to go clubbing on Granville Street.

13. The Roxy Cabaret // 932 Granville St

Go for: Photo booth (it's basically mandatory as soon as you walk in.), Country/live music, really friendly type of crowd that goes there.

14. The Parlour // 1011 Hamilton St

Go for: Pizza, sunny patio, and punch bowls bigger than your head!

15. Pierres Champagne Lounge // 1030 Hamilton St

Go for: Boujee drinks, flexing for the gram, for when you want to chill but party like a rockstar all at the same time.

16. West Oak // 1035 Mainland St

Go for: The strawberry watermelon mojito, brunch (if you start that early), the patio, upscale casual drinks.

17. Yaletown Brewing Company // 1111 Mainland St

Go for: Confetti canons, fresh brewed beer, casual drinks that can quickly turn into a party/club environment.

18. Paulies Distillery // 1131 Mainland St

Go for: Freshly distilled vodka and gin, classic/classy music, classic movies on the big screens all night!


If you've made it this far, you deserve a medal. No, really, that's like at least 20 drinks, your basically an olympian bar crawler. But don't worry, these last 7 bars (map linked here) will lead you straight to the English bay so you can sleep on the beach!

19. Tavern // 1141 Hamilton St

Go for: Trivia night, hip hop music, arcade style games, great for catching up with old peeps.

20. Brix & Mortar // 1138 Homer St

Go for: Inner courtyard patio, Claret Punch, Reforma. Actually, just drink all the damn cocktails, they're great!

21. Lickerish Lounge // 903 Davie st

Go for: Loft style lounge, heavy old school hip hop influnces, Grape Drank, Sangria, all the Tupac a man could ask for. 

22. Numbers // 1042 Davie St

Go for: The rainbow coloured bar, karaoke room, cheap highballs, this is a great place to go dancing too!

23. Score on Davie // 1262 Davie St 

Go for: The most monstrous caesar you'll ever have, intimate space makes for a great place to catch up with an old friend or small group.

24. Cactus Club Cafe // 1790 Beach Ave

Go for: The beach, to drink Frosé, for their awesome happy hour specials, and honestly probably to sleep on their patio because after you've done this, i don't think you'll ever need to go on another bar crawl again.

Tag & Challenge your friends to do this EPIC bar crawl this summer!

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