Living in Vancouver means you LIVE for tacos, not just on Tuesday, but every day. I mean, what's not to love? A nice and toasty corn tortilla shell stacked with oh-so-juicy carnitas that's cooked low and slow, cheese, salsa, and the whole works. *Mouth watering ensues*.

Now if you're not from around the area, you might not be familiar with the locals' favourite go-to spots. There are so many taco shops around that it can be difficult to choose which ones to drop your dollas and spend your calories. So we're here to be your taco guide.

There are so many awesome taco joints that we had to split it up into two maps. Taco Map 1 will mainly stay within the downtown area, whereas Taco Map 2 expands into East Van and Burnaby. So wherever you're located, start with that map first!

Taco Map 1

Taco Map 2

La Catrina Tacos // 1187 Denman St

The perfect spot for tacos at the beach. It might not exactly be beach weather right now, but keep this one on your radar for sunny days.

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Kurumucho // 985 Hornby St

Mmmm sushi and tacos - sushi tacos. A Japanese twist on Vancouver's fave Mexican food. Spicy salmon sushi in a crunchy nori taco shell? I think so.

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The Pawn Shop // 1117 Granville St

Probably the most bumpin' spot on Granville because they have tacos. Duhh. Go for $1 happy hour tacos, $3 tequila shots, and fish bowls.

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Chancho Tortilleria // 1206 Seymour St

It's all about the carnitas up at this taco joint. Chanchos slow roasts their pork to juicy perfection and serves it by the pound. Go big or go home.

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La Taqueria // 322 W Hastings St (and other locations)

One of Vancouver's favourite taco shops, and for good reason. La Taqueria serves up some of the best tacos in town that will pretty much have you addicted. Defs get the fish tacos, just sayin'.

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Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square

Go for the tacos, but stay for Thai buckets. Who doesn't love a good night out that finishes with gorging down on tacos, nachos, and keeping that late night fade with alcohol served in a bucket?

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Tacofino // 15 W Cordova St (and other locations)

How can a Vancouver taco map be complete with Tacofino? It's a classic. Their nachos are the crispiest and sauciest, and their fish tacos are fresh to death (can you tell I like fish tacos? Lol). Tacofino can't be beat.

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La Mezcaleria // 68 E Cordova St

If you love that Mexican juice, then the name says it all. La Mezcaleria is the spot to get your fix of Mezcal drinks, but also tacos and cheese fondue. Order up a plate of tacos and a queso fundito, eat, drink and be merry.

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TAKO // 601 Expo Blvd

If we know anything about tacos in Vancouver, is that they're never your average. TAKO is a Korean taco joint serving up bulgogi beef tacos, fried chicken tacos, kimchi pork tacos, and so so much more.

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Patron Tacos & Cantina // 265 Robson St

One of my favourite low key neighbourhood taco joints with ridiculously good tacos, bomb ass bulldogs, and sombreros you can wear while chowing down. And unlimited chips and salsa? Sold.

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Budgies Burritos // 44 Kingsway

It may be called "Budgies Burritos" but don't be fooled, as much as their burritos are off the chain, so are their tacos. This Mexican food joint was made for vegetarians and vegans who want that flavour without the baja or the carnitas. So if you're looking for that plant-based goodness, Budgies is your guy.

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El Camino's // 3250 Main St

El Camino's is the spot if you're looking for a chill place with good vibes, solid tacos and drinks. The staff is always super friendly and make you feel like you're at home.

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Los Cuervos // 603 Kingsway

If you're not willing to make the treck all the way downtown, Los Cuervos has got you because their tacos are amazing and super cheap. They vibrant decor will make you feel hardly like you're in rainy Vancouver, but the food will remind you that you're in foodie central.

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Sal y Limón // 701 Kingsway St

The atmosphere is super casual and laidback, but their food is far from it. Sal y Limón has serves some of the best Mexican food in Vancouver, from hearty burritos to stacked tacos.

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Bandidas Taqueria // 2781 Commercial Dr

Last but not least, we've got on for the vegans and vegetarians out here. Bandidas is all vegetarian all the time without giving up any flavour. You can also make almost anything vegan here too.