This Massive Free LEGO World Festival Is Coming To Vancouver This Spring

You're never too old for LEGO!
This Massive Free LEGO World Festival Is Coming To Vancouver This Spring

Calling all big kids, LEGO fans and lovers of all things miniature! There's going to be a massive free LEGO exhibit coming to Vancouver this month. LEGO is so much more than tiny plastic bricks. It's the creative medium through which most of us learned to express ourselves and where we got our first taste of art, design, architecture and engineering—even if we only managed to build a monolithic tower!

You have to check out this exhibit for something fun and free to do on your next local weekend road trip. This is the best way to get in touch with your inner little kid again and get them excited about making things. You might even get inspired to dig out your old LEGO set! There's really no end to what you can create. 

There will be plenty of LEGO adventures to choose from inspired by nature, technology and history. From Medieval castles and dinosaurs to the International Space Station, you'll see adorable miniature creations of them all! Called "Worlds of Wonder," this LEGO exhibit is as close as you can get to LEGOLAND without a plane ticket.

To celebrate this exciting new exhibit, they're having a Grand Opening Party on Sunday, April 28 from 1 PM to 4 PM that's free to attend. There will be cake and they will be running The LEGO Movie at the museum's theatre.

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You can see the LEGO "Worlds of Wonder" exhibit at the Museum of Surrey from Wednesday, April 24 to Sunday, September 8. Admission is totally free! Check out their website for more details and for opening hours. The Museum of Surrey is about a 45-minute drive from Vancouver in Cloverdale.

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