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This New Boutique Fitness Studio In Vancouver Has A Totally Unique Cycling Experience

Kiss your usual spin class goodbye.

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Looking for a fun fitness option to get you through what will undoubtedly be another harsh, frigid Canadian winter? A new boutique fitness studio just opened in Vancouver, and it totally blows away your usual spin, yoga, and boxing classes.

INFRATRAINER is a unique cycling experience that takes your workout to the next level. With a combination of infrared, magnetic therapy, and cardio training, it completely changes the fundamental concept of weight loss, body shaping, cellulite treatment, and detoxification. It also helps you burn calories — fast.

If you're an avid gym-goer, you'll know that it usually takes a long time to see results. But spending just 50 minutes in the INFRATRAINER will allow you to burn 600-800 calories — the same as going on a 13-17 km run. Eighty percent of that weight loss will be water, the rest is fat.


So, how does it work, exactly? It's all down to good 'ol science. The unique fitness equipment in INFRATRAINER combines the benefits of infrared light therapy with the effects of built-in magnetic therapy and cycling cardio training. Infrared light therapy improves circulation, which in turn increases O2 supply to the cells. As a result, this increases metabolism, the regeneration of muscles, and it also boosts the immune system. During training, infrared rays penetrate the skin to heat up and dissolve fat tissue from the inside, as well as help to release toxins via perspiration. Science!

In the end, the benefits are immediate weight loss (up to 850 calories in 50 minutes), full-body detoxification, cellulite treatment, collagen production, immune boost, and renewed energy.

Want to try it out? The first flagship INFRATRAINER studio in Canada has just opened in the heart of Olympic Village, at 171 West 2nd Avenue in Vancouver. They've also got some great opening specials, so don't miss out!


Canada's First INFRATRAINER Studio Opens in Vancouver

Address: 171 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B8

Why You Need To Go: Burn off calories fast and feel energized with Canada's first unique cycling experience that takes your workout to the next level


To book your trial session and learn more, head to INFRATRAINER's website or visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.