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This New Korean Dessert Cafe In Canada Serves Gigantic Cotton Candy Topped Soft Serve

K-pop, K-beauty, and now K-desserts - it's all about all-Korean-everything and we're ready for it. There's a new Korean dessert cafe that just opened in Richmond and it is all our sweet dreams fulfilled... and more.

Milkcowis one of Asia's fastest-growing dessert chains, and it has finally come to Vancouver. Known for their organic soft serve, and unique sundae creations, the Korean dessert cafe has graced its presence in Richmond and we already can't get enough.

This is not your standard run-of-the-mill vanilla soft serve ice cream, we're talking big flavours like: the Milk Honey with liquid honey drizzled on top; the Mango Tree with mango slices, cotton candy, and apple syrup; the Snow Drop with cotton candy, sea salt and jelly beans; and the most popular, most extra item - the Santorini, topped with Oreo and pistachio crumbles, cotton candy, and drizzled with tropical blue syrup. Mmmm.

If it's good enough for K-pop stars, it's definitely good enough for me. Milkcow is located at 105-5668 Hollybridge Way, open daily from 2PM to 10PM. So who's got milk? Milkcow.

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