There's nothing like stumbling across a hidden gem. This is true when you're exploring a city for the first time or getting to know a place you spent your entire life in. The truth is, most people who come to Vancouver (or even live there) don't know about the gem that is Go Fish. This is especially strange due to its location right next to Vancouver's largest tourist attraction, Granville Island. As well as the fact that it sits just off the highly used Vancouver Sea Wall. 

Go Fish is a tiny structure that sits in a parking lot right next to the docks on the outskirts of Granville Island. The building only consists of a cashier and a kitchen. The seating is all outside, which makes serving in the colder months a little trickier. However, residents and tourists who've either stumbled across it on a run or have had it recommended to them are happy to risk the weather for the utterly insane view of downtown and the bridges that lead to it, not to mention the most legit fish and chips ever.

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Fish and chips isn't the only item on Go Fish's menu by any stretch of the imagination. But you're kind of missing out if you don't try one, or all three, of their fresh, deep-fried fish that are served in a bamboo steaming box. They're served with coleslaw, the best homemade tartar sauce, and a copious amount of hand-cut fries which you can douse in malt vinegar or simply dip in ketchup. Whatever you choose, you're bound to be thankful that such a thing exists. 

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A head's up needs to be given: Due to the small kitchen and long line-ups of fans "in the know", wait times for this ocean-side delicacy can be lengthy, especially on the weekend. So, prepare accordingly. However, the wait is nullified by the epic view, kind service, and extraordinary food. 

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Go Fish is so under the radar that they don't even have a website or Instagram page. However, they are located at 1505 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver. Their hours in the Fall and Winter change, so be advised. In the Spring and Summer, however, they are open Tuesday - Friday from 11:30 AM until 7:00 PM. As well as weekends from Noon to 7:00 PM. Apparently, they are "Gone fishing" on Mondays. 

Without a doubt, you should be doing your utmost to find your way to this remarkable, authentic, and welcoming, Vancouver delight.