If you're looking for a day of chilling by the lake with some brews and incredible views, there is an insanely turqoise B.C. lake that you must visit this summer. 

Located in Chilliwack, this lake is the perfect place to spend a day secluded in nature and in awe of the beauty of B.C. So what are you waiting for? Round up your crew and bring your floaties and brews!

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Lindeman Lake is a stunning turquoise lake with crystal clear waters in the Fraser Valley. This hidden gemoffers beautiful surrounding views of the forest and mountains. 

Located in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, Lindeman Lake is an easy day trip. It takes only 2 hours to drive there from the city, and there are plenty of scenic spots to stop along the way, like Cultus Lake. 

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To get to the lake, you need to take a short and rather easy hike. Spanning 3.4 km roundtrip, the trek will only take you one to two hours with an elevation gain of 300 meters. If you want more of a challenging hike, you can keep on hiking to Greendrop Lake and Flora Lake. 

Once you reach the lake, you can keep on hiking along the trail to get to a viewpoint of the lake from a higher vantage point. Just walk to the north end of the lake, where you will find a boulder field and views of the whole lake. There is also a beach there! 

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Lindeman Lake is also a great place to go camping. There are several tent pads onsite. Just keep in mind that to camp, you'll need a backcountry camping permit which can be booked online in advance.

So whether you want to do a short day trip or go on an overnight camping adventure, Lindeman Lake is perfect for you.