B.C. lakes really are one of a kind. It's not called beautiful British Columbia for no reason, and the lakes are definitely proof of that. Honestly, it's hard to find a lake that isn’t breathtakingly beautiful in our province.

You obviously know all about the B.C. staple lakes like Joffre and Garibaldi and oh man are they beautiful. But then again it never hurts to venture off the beaten path and explore an underrated area.

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Just 2 hours away from Vancouver in the Fraser Valley is a hidden gem. A picture perfect lake with clear, reflective waters and surrounded by mountains. It embodies the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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Jones Lake, also known as in Chilliwack is a BC hydro reservoir. Located halfway between Vancouver and Kelowna, it's the perfect pit stop for a road trip, a camping trip or a fun day trip.

It is also the absolute perfect place to go for a paddle. I mean just look at the pictures — who wouldn’t wait go canoeing on that water that is as smooth as butter. 

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Plus, unlike Joffre and Garibaldi, Jones Lake is an all-season lake. So when you're feeling those winter blues, beat it by seeing the beautiful blues of Jones Lake.

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At the lake, you can spend the day paddling, float on the lake on an inflatable, or go for a swim. There is also free (yay!) camping, fishing and more!

Just please be aware that the road leading up to the lake isn't always in the best conditions, so a 4WD or All-Wheel-Drive is recommended. If there is heavy snowfall in the winter, this limits vehicle access.

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So what are you waiting for? It's time to #explorebc.