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This RCMP Officer Helping An Elderly Canadian Woman At A Grocery Store Is The Most Canadian Thing Ever

This RCMP Officer was spotted in Vancouver helping an elderly woman load groceries into the back of her car.
Ontario Editor
This RCMP Officer Helping An Elderly Canadian Woman At A Grocery Store Is The Most Canadian Thing Ever

As Canadians, we are all too familiar with the ‘Canada is so nice’ stereotype and today, an RCMP officer made sure to show everyone just how true it actually is. Reddit user @u/dmiak51 posted aphoto from a local supermarket parking lot in Surrey, Vancouver showing an RCMP officer decked out in his full uniform, helping an elderly woman load bags of groceries into her car.

Via Reddit

This photo was posted on Reddit/r/Vancouver and now all anyone can talk about is just how amazingly Canadian it is. From his bright red uniform to taking time out of his busy day to help an elderly woman, everything about this photo is just so polite.

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When other users caught sight of the kind and polite deed this officer was doing, many took to the comments to express how Canadian the task actually was.

@Oliernutwas one of the first to express how amazingly adorable this was, stating, “So Canadian,”.

Via Reddit

While @neilc6 followed shortly behind, stating, “Needs a beaver crossing the road and kids playing street hockey and it could be on the back of a $10 bill,”.

Via Reddit

This isn’t the first timethat Canadians have shown just how nice they can be. A few months ago, Narcity reported that Fabian O’Dea, a Newfoundland man, noticed that people were cutting across his lawn as a shortcut to get to another road. Instead of getting angry that people were using his yard to cut to another area of town, he ended up creating a walking path on his lawn so it would be easier for his neighbours to get through. So Canadian!

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Via Reddit

These polite deeds that Canadians have been doing around thecountry have definitely been noticed. Canada has been seen as such a great and friendly place that even some top celebrities, like Snoop Dogg, have expressed how much they want to live here.

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Snoop Dogg revealed at his book launch that he considers Canada as a second home and would love to get a dual citizenship to spend more time up north. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have already made the move back into Canada, and wish to settle down in the land of the polite Canadians.

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