It's nearly fall and it means that our crazy hot summer temperatures are about to drop. How to stay warm you ask? Well, this hot springs road trip in BC of course!

This hot springs road trip will take you from souther BC with Harrison Hot Springs in Abbotsford as your starting point and all the way to the north as far as Liard River Hot Springs in Muncho Lake. It'll even go all the way to Hot Springs Cove in Tofino and back.

It might sound a little excessive to go so far for a short dip in a hot spring, but when has it not been worth it to get some real R&R away from it all.

This road trip is the perfect pre-fall semester trip or post-summer-vacation-depression getaway. Soak in the healing mineral waters of BC to re-energize yourself for an awesome fall season.

Link to the map is located at the bottom of this article. Scroll to see it!

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1. Harrison Hot Springs // Abbotsford

Our first stop is only about a 2 hour drive outside of Vancouver - everyone's favourite Harrison Hot Springs. With 5 different natural hot spring fed pools, there is a spot for everyone to enjoy.

Cost: Rooms start at $54 depending on season.

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2. Skookumchuck Hot Springs // Fraser Valley

The Skookumchuck Hot Springs, also known as the T'sek Hot Springs (as listed in the map), is about a 95km drive away from Whistler. There are 5 tubs available for you to soak and relax in...and by the way, clothing is optional.

Cost: Camping available for $10/vehicle/night.

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3. Keyhole Hot Springs // Pemberton

Soak in one of mother nature's most beautiful hot springs with gorgeous views and warm running streams. This natural hot spring, also known as Pebble Creek Hot Spring (marked on the map as Lilloet Forest Service Road), is about 100km from Whistler, just around the Pemberton area.

Cost: Free

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4. Halcyon Hot Springs // Nakusp

Halcyon Hot Springs is known to have some of the richest, most potent mineral waters around. Along with it's location on the east side of Upper Arrow Lake and it's sweeping views of Mount Burnham, this hot spring is an absolute must.

Cost: Pool access is $13/one-dip and $22/all-day pass.

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5. Nakusp Hot Springs // Nakusp

If you're wanting a more low-key soaking session in Nakusp, just a close drive way is one of BC's best kept secrets - Nakusp Hot Springs. It's quite a bit smaller than Halcyon Hot Springs, but the water is just as rich and it's definitely a less busy location. Around the area are also a few undeveloped hot springs that you can explore for yourself.

Cost: $10/One-dip and $15.50/all-day pass.

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6. Ainsworth Hot Springs // Nelson

Ainsworth Hot Springs is one of the only cave hot springs in you know you have to go. The cave is 150 ft. long in a horseshoe shape, and perfect for for getting lost in relaxation. Soak in the thermal waters as you take in the views of Kootenay Lake and all of BC's natural beauty.

Cost: $12.50/Single entry with all-day passes available.

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7. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort // Fairmont Hot Springs

So by now you're probably feeling super relaxed as you're about half way through your hot springs road trip, but you can never be too relaxed right? You're in for a treat because Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is one of Canada's largest natural hot springs. You can also explore some undeveloped hot springs in the area if you prefer a more private soak.

Cost: $12/Single entry and $18/all-day pass. Free for undeveloped hot springs.

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8. Lussier Hot Springs // Canal Flats

Lussier Hot Springs is an absolute gem located in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. This undeveloped hot spring has become a tourist hot spot and is loved for it's clear thermal waters and incredible views. The icy creeks are also the perfect cool down after a nice warm soak.

Cost: Free

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9. Radium Hot Springs Pools // Kootenay

Located in the village of Radium Hot Springs, the Radium Hot Springs Pools is an incredible place to soak up mineral water goodness and enjoy the view of Sinclair Canyon.

Cost: $5.85/Single entry and $9.10/all-day pass.

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10. Liard River Hot Springs // Muncho Lake

Quiet, serene and peaceful - Liard River Hot Springs is one of the more secluded hot springs you'll find in BC. The area is only lightly developed and offers a relaxing soak in the mineral waters. There are also tons of beautiful boardwalk trails and camping areas located in the provincial park that are totally worth discovering.

Cost: $5/All-day pass and $10/family passes also available.

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11. Tallheo Hot Springs // Bella Coola

Located on the western shore of the South Bentinck Arm is Tallheo Hot Springs at Tallheo Point. This undeveloped hot spring area is quite secluded and private, making it a perfect spot for you and bae, and also offers incredible views of lakes and mountains. Clothing is optional here.

Cost: Free

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12. Hot Springs Cove // Tofino

Tofino is a west coast dream. With it's surfing beaches and healing thermal waters at Hot Springs Cove, no wonder it's such a hot spot for tourists. Hot Springs Cove (listed as Ocean Outfitters on the map) is only accessible by boat or seaplane, so you'll have to book a tour. But is it worth it? Totally.

Cost: Hot springs are free, tours will vary in price depending on season and tourism company.

Click here for part one of the map, and here for part two.

Note: For all those who plan on visiting undeveloped hot springs, please travel with caution as these areas are unsupervised. Please do not harm any of the wildlife during your visit by picking up after yourself and minimizing any human impact. Click here for more information on BC parks ethics and safety tips.