I don't know about you, but the second Halloween is over, I'm going to be putting up my Christmas lights, bumpin' J Beib's Mistletoe album, and online shopping for everyone's presents. I know, I'm Christmas crazy. But I'm not the only one!

Returning to Vancouver next month is the city's most festive (and only) winter patio, Reflections at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Last year, Reflections wowed Vancouver with a super cozy, holiday-themed pop-up patio. It was so warmly welcomed that they're bringing it back this year for all those who missed it last time.

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Typically closed throughout the winter months, on November 16, Reflections will be open to the public and decked out with glowing lights and glittery snowflakes, furry blankets and festive Christmas trees - yes, plural. There is nothing short of holiday vibes at this winter garden terrace.

And of course, you can expect to be sipping on your favourite winter classics like mulled wine and a hot toddy. Last year, their award-winning bartenders created holiday-themed libations like the Little Helper, a rum and port concoction topped with house-made eggnog, and the Winter Wonderland, a champagne and cognac cocktail infused with warm, winter spices. Ahhh my holiday spirits are tingling. We can only expect even better things this year!

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So whether you're really trying impress your girl and be all romantic for Christmas or dragging your boyfriend along with you as you go Christmas crazy, take advantage of cuffing season with this indoor winter patio and cuddle up with your boo all winter long.

This secret garden winter wonderland hybrid is located on the 4th floor of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia (801 W Georgia St). For their hours, check for updates on their website to be in the know.