We all love a good slice of za, don't we? Pizza is probably my favourite food group, yes it qualifies as an entire food group in my books. But there's definitely a difference between a regular ol' American pizza and the quality pizza pies that taste like they came straight from Italy.

This pizzeria hidden in the suburbs will transport you back to that cozy brick-walled cafe in Rome that you visited in summer of 2012. That trip where you backpacked your way through Europe, and now you find yourself constantly craving the cheesy delectable pizzas of Tuscan Italy.

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You can find Pizzeria Spacca Napoli tucked away in Port Moody. Last year they were voted the best new restaurant of 2016 by the Tri-City News! This pizzeria is the perfect marriage of Vancouver's chic restaurant scene and Italy's classic zest.

The restaurant owners are two brothers that moved from Naples to Vancouver only two years ago! Yes, they are literally from Naples, Italy. I've been to Italy before and tried the most authentic Italian food you can find, and this is as close as you'll get in the Vancouver area!

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The entire experience at Spacca Napoli is authentic - the servers are even Italian! The last time I visited Spacca Napoli, my server had such a thick Italian accent that I knew she must've been a relative of the owners. She probably came over during the summer to work at her uncle's restaurant (at least that's the story I made up in my head). But honestly, this place is super authentic and crazy delicious.

Spacca Napoli doesn't only do pizzas, they have savoury antipasti, creamy pastas and desserts that will keep you coming back for more... and more.. and more. Did someone say affogato? Oh, and you need to try their Spacca Napoli antipasti - their potato croquettes and fried pizzettas are incredible.

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Pizzeria Spacca Napoli is located in Port Moody at 2801 St Johns St. They are open Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 4PM to 10PM and Friday & Saturday from 4PM to 11PM. Make sure to arrive early or give yourself extra time because they usually have a bit of wait near dinner time!